01 Dec 2017

Fee Structure

SCHEDULE – OF FEES (Aided Courses)
Degree Post- Graduate
a) Tuition fee
b) Laboratory fee
    For Main Subject
    Per Subsidiary Subject
c) Special fee
d) Caution Money
e) Fees due to the University

Other Fees:
i) Matriculation Fee and Recognition Fee – For those students who have taken their qualifying exam from other universities

ii) All students will make a voluntary contribution of Rs. 25/- towards the students special welfare service, Rs. 75/- towards the conduct of Terminal Examinations and Rs. 30/- for Stadium Fund.

i) Refund of Caution Deposit may be applied for on completion of the course or on leaving the College with Transfer Certificate. The caution deposit will be refunded after adjusting dues, if any. Unclaimed caution deposit even after two months from the due date of the completion of the course will be forfeited.

iii) Fees once paid will not be refunded

  1. Tuition fees will be collected in at the beginning of the academic year. Special fees and other miscellaneous dues have to be paid along with the Tuition fees.
  2. Fees become due on the reopening day of the college. After the 7th working day, a fine of Rs. 5/- will be levied for 10 days. After that an additional fine of Rs. 10/- will be levied for the rest of the month. After this date students will be considered as a defaulter and he / she will lose attendance. If the student is to be re-admitted, he/she has to apply for the special permission of the principal and also has to remit all the arrears of fees with fine along with a readmission fee of Rs. 50/-
  3. No part payment of fees will be accepted. Students should pay the exact amount due at the office, and receipts will be issued for all payments. Such receipts may be called for later for verification, if necessary.
  4. Students joining the college in between the course will have to pay the fees for the whole year.
  5. Absence with leave or without leave from the college is no excuse for not payment of fees at the proper time.
  6. If any petty amount, remains unclaimed by a student for more than one year, it will be added to the Students Aid Fund of the college.
  7. The fees in the following rates will be charged from the research scholars:      Laboratory / Library fee Rs. 2000/- per annum.       Caution Money Rs. 2000/-.         Special Fee Rs. 180/- per annum.          The research scholars may apply for any of the following research scholarships. The Junior and Senior Scholarships of Calicut University, Junior Research fellowship of U.G.C. and C.S.I.R. research fellowships.

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