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Economics Agricultural economy of India Govil, R.K Tripathi, B.B
Economics Agricultural economy of India Sankaran, S
Economics Agricultural finance in a backward region Kurulkar, R.P
Economics Agricultural Labourers in modern India and Pakistan Patel, S.J
Economics Agricultural manpower and economic development Ratnawat, B.P
Economics Agricultural marketing in India Kulkarni, K.R
Economics Agricultural marketing in India Mukherjee, B.B
Zoology Agricultural Microbiology Rangaswami, G
Economics Agricultural potential and planning in hill regions in India Shukla, S.P
Economics Agricultural price policy and stabilization measures in India Singh, L.S
Economics Agricultural prices and economic development Rameswari Srinivasamurthy
Economics Agricultural problems in India Sadhu Singh Singh
Economics Agricultural problems of India Bansil, P.C
Economics Agricultural problems of India Mamoria, C.B
History Agricultural Production and South Asian History LUDDEN, David
Economics Agriculture Natarajan, V.K
Economics Agriculture and co-operation in India Jain, P.C
Economics Agriculture and economic development Ghatak, S Ingersent, K
Economics Agriculture cooperatives Gill, M.S
Economics Agriculture in chains Vylder, S.
Botany Agriculture In india Kumar, Lss
Economics Agriculture, economics and resource management Snodgrass, M.M Wallace, L.T Wallace, L.T
Economics Agriculture, Food security, Poverty and environment RAO, Hanumantha
General Section-English Aids and tests in the teaching of english SOMARATNE, W.R.P
General Section-English Aids to english composition, part 1 REGO, A.G