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References-English Accounting and finance for bankers:JAIIB Indian Institute of BankigFinance
Commerce Accounting and finance for managers Chatterjee, B.K
Commerce Accounting and management action Gray, J Johnston
Commerce Accounting for management Bhattacharyya, S.K Dearden, J Dearden, J Dearden, J Dearden, J Dearden, J
Commerce Accounting for management Kohler, E.L
Commerce Accounting for management Lynch, R.M Williamson, R.W Williamson, R.W Williamson, R.W Williamson, R.W
Commerce Accounting for management control Horngren, C.T
Environment Accounting for resources Ayres, R.U Ayres, L.W
Commerce Accounting in business decisions Black, H.A Champion, J.E Champion, J.E
Commerce Accounting principles Niswonger Noble Noble
Commerce Accounting principles and practice Hall, S
Commerce Accounting problems with answers Schanacker Schroeder
Commerce Accounting process Kelly, E.J
Commerce Accounting Schaum`s outline of theory and problems Cashin, J.A Lerner, J.J
Commerce Accounting system Gillespie, Cecil
Commerce Accounting theory and management accountancy Jain, S.P Narang, K.L
Commerce Accounting theory and practice Milroy, R.R Waldan, R.E
Economics Accumulation of capital Robinson, J
Fiction Ace of Knaves Charteris, Leslie
Drama Acharnians the Clounds Lysistrata Aristophanes
General Section-English Achieve Success and Happiness PEREIRA, Arty
Fiction Achievement of E.M.Forster Beer, J.B
Poetry Achievement of T.S Eliot: Nature of poetry Matthiessen, F.O
Fiction Across the frontiers Gibbs, Philip
References-English Active Study Dictionary of English 1991 LONGMAN, Publication