Geology is concerned with the application of Physical Sciences, Biological Science and Mathematics to the understanding of the earth processes that have operated through time. It encompasses both fundamental research and practical applications in the search for and use of earth resources. Christ College offers only B.Sc. Degree in Geology with Chemistry & Statistics as subsidiaries.
M.Sc. course in Environmental Science started in January 2000 as a multidisciplinary course under the leadership of Geology department. The course is limited to 10-12 students. Science graduates with not less than 50 % mark are eligible for admission. The rank list for admission is prepared on the basis of marks obtained in the entrance test on topics related to Environment studies and interview.

PG Diploma in Disaster management is a one year course started in this year which is the first of the kind in the University of Calicut. It is implemented under the UGC’s Innovative program.The aim of this programme is to provide comprehensive knowledge to the learners on disaster preparedness, mitigation and rehabilitation. It will enable them to equip themselves with disaster response techniques, risk assessment and vulnerability analysis and skills pertaining to emergency medical requirements. The course is limited to 10 students. One seat is reserved for departmental candidate and other seats are allocated in accordance with the University guidelines.

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Dr. Linto Alappat, M.Sc, Mphil, Ph.D. (HOD) 0480 - 2701311 8547201311


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