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Titto Varughese

Dr.Titto Varughese

Asst. Professor

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BSc. Chemistry

M.G University



MSc. Chemistry

M.G University




Kongju National University, South Korea



Post Doc

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute



Ph. D thesis title: Isolation of Bio-active Natural Products from Medicinal Plants and the synthesis of Mushroom originated Boletulactols

Under the Guidance of Prof. Dr.Surk-Sik Moon

Institute/Organization/University: Kongju National University, South Korea

Year of Award 2010

Time Series Drought Vulnerability Mapping In Palakkad District, IndiausingGeoinformation Science And Technology, Subin K. Jose, Shinto. S, TittoVarughese,International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR)November 2018, Volume 5, Issue 4.

Urban Green Space Analysis and Change Detection Using Geoinformatics,Subin K. Jose, Shajaramol K.R and TittoVarughese,Journal of Environmental Science, Computer Science and Engineering & Technology; June 2017- August 2017; Sec. A; Vol.6. No.3, 257-263.

Chemical Composition of Stem, Root, Fruit and Leaf Oils of Piper longumLinn. TittoVarughese, U. Prakash Kumar, Deepak M, Indira Balachandran, A. B. Remashree. Journal Of Essential Oil Bearing Plants 8 19,1 (2016) 52-58.

Study on Eupatorium triplinerveVahl from south India, A rich source for thymohydroquinonedimethylether and its antimicrobial activity. TittoVarughese, Indira Balachandran, A.B. RemaSree. Journal Of Essential Oil Bearing Plants 17,4(2014) 652-657.

Antifungal Depsidone Metabolites from Cordycepsdipterigena, an Endophytic Fungus Antagonistic to the PhytopathogenGibberellafujikuroi. TittoVarughese, Nivia Rios, Sarah Higginbotham, CarmenzaSpadafora, A. Elizabeth Arnold, Phyllis D. Coley, Thomas A. Kursar, William H. Gerwick and Cubilla Rios, L. Tetrahedron Letters 53 (2012) 1624– 1626.

Tea TriterpenoidalSaponins from the Roots of Green Tea Plant Camellia sinensiswith Inhibitory Effect against Alcohol Metabolizing Enzymes. TittoVarughese, Md. ManiruzzamanManir, JeongKee Kim, Byeong-Gon Lee, and Surk[1]SikMoon.,Plantamedica 77 (2011) 2029-2036.

Chemical Constituents of the New Endophytic Fungus Mycosphaerellasp. nov.and Their Anti-parasitic Activity. Eufemio Moreno, TittoVarughese, CarmenzaSpadafora, A. Elizabeth Arnold, Phyllis D. Coley, Thomas A. Kursar, William H. Gerwick and Luis Cubilla-Rios., Natural Product Communications 6 (2011) 835-840.

Gamnamoside, a Phenylpropanoid Glycoside from Persimmon Leaves (Diospyros kaki) with an Inhibitory Effect against an Alcohol Metabolizing Enzyme. TittoVarughese, MozahidurRahaman, No-Soo Kim, Soon-Chang Cho, and Surk-Sik Moon., Bulletin of KoreanChemical society, 30: 1035-38 (2009).

Novel Oxidized Derivatives of Antifungal Pyrrolnitrin from the Bacterium Burkholderiacepacia K87. Md. Zakir sultan, K Park, S Y Lee, J K Park, TittoVarughese, and Surk-SikMoon., Journal of Antibiotics, 61(7): 420-425 (2008).

Titto Varughese, Physical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes (Chapter in Edited Book) Handbook on Carbon Nanotubes By Jiji Abraham & Sabu Thomas, Springer 2022 (in press)

16 years of experience in natural product isolation, characterization and bioactivity studies. The experience in phytochemistry includes five years of PhD work, Three years of Postdoctoral research and three years of consultancy scientist.

Was consultant scientist to the chemistry part of the ICMR project titled “Quality Standards of Indian Medicinal Plants and Preparation of Monographs there of” at Centre for Medicinal Plants Research (CMPR), Kottakkal Arya Vaidya sala, Kottakkal, Kerala.

Well versed in characteization of natural products and handled sophisticated instruments like GC, GCMS, HPLC, LCMS, NMR, IR etc.

Expertise in antimicrobial, cytotoxic assay techniques and also has published / communicated a number of publications in natural products isolation and related work.

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