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Sasi C.

Dr.Sasi C.

Asst. Professor

Full Time Faculty

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M. A., PhD.

Sl No Programme Institution/University Year of Passing
1 BA Economics Govt Victoria College, Palakkad/ Calicut University 2009
2 MA Economics Govt Victoria College, Palakkad/ Calicut University 2011
3 PhD St. Thomas College (Autonomous), Thrissur/ Calicut University 2021

Sl No Title
Name of Journal / Vol. No. / Issue No. / Page Nos  
ISSN No Month/Year
1 Health impact of waste management of sanitary workers- A case study of Palakkad Municipality

International Journal of Applied management Research

Vol-6: 4-8

ISSN-0974- 8709 2014
2 Employment structure in Kerala with special reference to palakkad IRJMST Vol-12: 60-68 ISSN-2348- 9367 2014
3 A Study on the Cropping pattern in Palakkad district

Social Dimensions of Green Economy and Sustainable Development 

Volume-II: 464-474

ISBN-978- 81-261-638 0-9 2015
4 Human Capital formation and education status of scheduled caste with special reference to Vadakkencherry grama panchayat

International Journal of Applied management Research

Vol-7: 76-79

ISSN-0974 8709 2015
5 An assessment of food security problems of India: A Review

Global Research Review

Vol-5: 25-28

ISSN-2250- 2521 2015
6 Higher education deprivation among the scheduled caste in Palakkad dist of Kerala

Research Scholar

Vol-5: 183-189

ISSN-2249- 6696 2015
7 Green Economy the real dream


Vol-1: 66-69

ISSN-2348- 0653 2015
8 The Bona fide Ethnicity in the rear agriculture


Vol-1: 8-13

ISSN-2395- 1877 2015
9 Public Distribution system- the rapture or curse


Vol-1: 113-116

ISSN-2349- 6738 2015
10 Attitude Towards Higher Education By The Scheduled Caste -An Analysis


Vol 7: 54-61

ISSN:2349- 5162 2020
11 Employment Status of Scheduled Caste in Vadakkencherry


Vol 8: 3007-3009

ISSN: 2020-2882 2020
12 Saving Behaviour of Rural Youth: A Case Study in Mangalam Village


Vol 8: 5-8

ISSN: 2455-6211 2020

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