Affiliated to the University of Calicut

Reaccredited by NAAC with 'A++' grade

Non-teaching & Retired Staff

  • Zoology Non-teaching & Retired Staff

Retired Teaching Staff


Sri. M. A. John

Professor of Zoology (1961-1969)

Sri. O. T. Peter

Professor & HoD (1958-1988)

Sri. K. K. Narayanan Nair

Professor of Zoology (1960-1988)

Rev. Fr. Isaac CMI

Professor & HoD (1965-1990)

Sri. Peace Johnson

Professor & HoD (1965-1991)

Dr. K. K. Bhaskaran

Reader in Zoology

Dr. C. K. Gopinathan Nair

Professor & HoD (1966-1993)

Dr. A. g. Govindankutty

Professor & HoD (1967-1996)

Dr. V. V. Sudhakaran

Professor of Zoology (1968-1990)

Dr. M. A. Paul

Vice Principal & HoD (1979-2007)

Dr. N. D. Inasu

Professor (1979-2009)

Dr. John Thomas K.

Associate Professor (1988-2010)

Dr. K. V. Baby

Associate Professor (1991-2014)

Dr. V. F. Paul

Associate Professor (1993-2016)

Dr. Balu T. Kuzhivelil

Associate Professor (1994-2017)

Dr. Pius K. Jacob

Associate Professor & HoD


Dr. Joshi C. O.

Vice-Principal & HoD




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