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Reaccredited by NAAC with 'A++' grade


Department of English

The cynosure of intellectual, creative and altruistic discourses of the college, B.A in English Language and Literature, was started in 2014 with Journalism and Electronic Media as complementary papers, introduced to expose the students to the disciplines of Journalism and Mass Media, which play a significant role in contemporary society. A chosen hub where aesthetic flavours and reflective yearnings nestle, partaking the legacy of a few years of excellent service of the college, the Department stands aloft addressing the demands and issues of the times by redefining the existing parameters of knowledge dissemination. It tries to be always ahead of the times in pedagogy, research and skill development. 

The Department of English also offers Master’s Degree in English Literature since 2013. An undergraduate course in Double Main with English Literature and History as main subjects was started in the year 2015, to enable students to delve deep into these two great disciplines simultaneously.

Truly humanitarian in outlook and extremely professional in attitude, the dignitaries of the department, Dr Hemalatha P, Dr Rani Paul Ukken and Prof. C.V Francis and 16 vivacious teachers, help the students mould a befitting future for themselves. Giving the students the chance to think across times, cultures and disciplines, to explore their talents and creativity to boundless expanses defying the confines of knowledge, the Department attempts to train them to conquer their dreams of achieving UGC-NTA NET, CIVIL SERVICE and an entry to the higher education realm. Ten of our students have qualified UGC NET and many have got selection selected in reputed universities for higher education.  We offer a wide collection of books through the Department library. We attempt to carve out a successful sorority that can set its own standards in the field of literature.

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