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CSA is one of the best things our college has to offer you, during these three years of your life in the campus.

What is CSA ?

Catholic Students Association (CSA)is a unit of AICUF started way back in 1965.

Why is CSA unique ?

It’s a universal association with its members from all sections of society, with a beautiful moto to bring their potential to the peak and use it for the sake of the welfare of the society.

What’s your advantage ?

CSA is an endless journey while the destinations are social responsibility, friendship, fun, creativity and confidence driven by the ways of concern, peace and buddies. So, when you leave the campus you are definitely going to take either something or everything from this wish list. Moreover you will soon come back.

YES, that’s something we often see here in CSA. Something more!

Here you’re learning continuously even after the college hours. There are no specific mentors or tutors provided; you yourself are a mentor and a tutor influencing and inspiring others. Hence, you are very special to CSA Family.

  • Catholic Students Association (C.S.A.) is a general association parallel to the General Literary Association. All the Catholic students, of the College ‘ipso facto’ are its ordinary members and all the catholic members of the College staff are honorary members
  • The Association is meant to foster Catholic life in all aspects – spiritual, intellectual, social and cultural. In the present system of education where attention is riveted on secular studies at the risk of spiritual formation, C.S.A. should serve as an effective remedy for environmental evils. In addition, an educated catholic needs training for leadership to become a useful member of the Church and the Society.
  • It is desirable to extend the activities of the Catholic Students association to Parishes in order to make its functioning more effective and fruitful.
  • The annual membership fee is Rs. 20/- . The expenses of the annual Feast, or social if any, shall be shared equally among the members.
  • The Principal, ‘ex-officio’ shall be its president. There shall be a chaplain, appointed by the Rector, from among the Priests working in the college.
  • The affairs of the association shall be managed by an executive committee consisting of the President, the chaplain, the staff patrons, the chairman, the secretary, the treasurer and the class representatives.
  • The C.S.A. chairman, secretary and treasurer shall be elected by the C.S.A. class representatives towards the end of the previous academic year. The Class Representatives are elected by the Catholic students of each class, at the rate of one for one every Class of Division.
  • The main office bearers of the association shall be chosen from among the active members who have successfully attended one or more leadership camps.
  • The activities of the association shall be divided into four branches with
  • a teacher and student secretary in-charge of each. Branch secretaries will be elected by the student members of the Executive committee from among themselves.
  • There will be provision for one or two nominations by the President to the Executive. So also the chaplain may invite one representative from each regional group, when major issues are taken up for discussion.



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