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Outcome-based teaching and learning declares the learning outcomes which students are expected to exhibit and perform after completing the course/program. Christ College has a holistic approach to education as emphasized in the Vision as well as the Mission of the institution. The Program Educational Objectives are defined such that the students will be key citizens and leaders of tomorrow. Our students who come from the widest range of socio cultural and economic backgrounds, should not only develop academic excellence and professional skills but also should attain a sense of ethical, social and environmental responsibility towards the societies they will serve. Adopting these key principles, Christ College has adopted OBE from 2019 admission onwards. Separate OBE committee has been formed under the Teaching Learning Centre to spearhead the implementation of OBE in the College. The OBE committee meets regularly to chart out the assessment parameters and monitors the progress of implementation.



Links to PEO, PO, PSO, CO and OBE Manual





  1. Dr. Fr. Jolly Andrews, Principal (Chairperson OBE)
  2. Dr. Tom Cherian (Convenor, OBE)
  3. Dr. Robinson P Ponminiessary, Dean of Academics Affairs (Member OBE)
  4. Dr. Linto Alappat, Director, Teaching Learning Centre (Member OBE)
  5. Dr. Leyon Varghese, Question paper in Charge (Member OBE)
  6. Dr. Seena V (Member OBE)
  7. Dr. Arun Balakrishnan (Member OBE)
  8. Dr. Arun S (Member OBE)
  9. Dr. Binu M John (Member OBE)
  10. Dr. Abhilash Peter (Member OBE)
  11. Mr. Edwin Jose (Member OBE)
  12. Ms. Jean Maria George (Member OBE)
  13. Dr. Sudheer C V (Member OBE)
  14. Mr. Shinto V P (Member OBE)
  15. Ms. Teena Thomas (Member OBE)
  16. Ms. Priya v Balakrishnan (Member OBE)
  17. Mr. Binu George (Member OBE)


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