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Hostel is a place where students from different parts of the country, belonging to different communities live together in harmony as a family, with a common goal to persue education.  Living-together, under one roof, makes it possible to have intimate contact and association with people who’s behaviour, temperament, cultural background etc...are different from one’s own.  This will exert a profound influence on their life either for good or for bad.  The life and training in the hostel will widen their social experience and help them to become useful members of the society of which hostel is a replica.  So many authorities on University Education consider hostel life an integral part of higher education.

Life in a society entails certain social obligations.  For, a social being cannot be unmindful of his neighbour and his requirements.  He has to adapt and voluntarily subject himself to discipline so that he may not be a burden to others. “ A gentleman is one who never inflicts pain upon another”.  Hostel rules may, therefore, be looked upon as a means to ensure harmony and co-ordination, necessary for a healthy corporate life.  They are also meant to help young men to pick up good habits in the formative period of their life. Let every member, therefore, try to derive maximum benefit from the special opportunities available in the hostel. Above all, let him always hold fast to the principle that “the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom” and “the basis of successful social living.”







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