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Christ College realizes that development and growth during college days do not occur in the class room alone. The college has a wide variety of student activities that help to achieve all round education. These activities offer students an opportunity to grow in co-operation with others in areas of personal and academic interests and in areas of service to fellow human beings. There are activities aimed at cultural, social, religious athletic and artistic development.


The College Union Council consists of the following members:

1 The President of the union (Principal of the college Ex. officio.)
2 Vice Principal (with no vote)
3 Bursar (with no vote)
4 The staff Advisor (with no vote)
5 The Chairman
6 The vice-Chairman
7 The Secretary
8 The Joint Secretary
9 Two Councillors to the Calicut University Union of the College Union
10 The Secretary, Fine Arts Club
11 The Chief Student Editor of the College magazine
12 General Captain (Sports & Games)
13 The Secretary of each of the various (main subject-wise) Subject Association of the college.
14 One representative each of I D.C., II D.C. and III D.C elected by the students of the respective classes and one representative elected by all the P. G. Students.



Student Council (Union) Report


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Union Report 2017-2018

Union Report 2018-2019

Union Report 2019-2020

Union Report 2022-2023




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