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Vermicomposting unit: A Vermicomposting unit has been set up in the college to produce organic manure and to manage solid waste disposal.


Aquaponic Unit: It is used for fish cultivation.


Paper Recycle unit- It is part of the Earn while Learn Programme.


Butterfly Garden – It’s a very aesthetic spot in the campus which is home to 39 species of butterflies and their host plants.


Bee Hotel - safe haven for bees and wasps contributes to the well-being of flowering plants in the campus.


Star Vanam (Nakshathravanam) with 27 species of trees. Fruit Garden consisting of 30 indigenous fruit trees properly identified and scientifically tagged. Dragonfly garden, the natural remedy for mosquitoes.


Fruit Garden consisting of 30 indigenous fruit trees properly identified and scientifically tagged. It is one of the most significant activities undertaken by the NSS Unit. Three of the main fruit gardens in the campus include jackfruit garden, jamun garden and rose apple garden.


Dragonfly garden: It serves as a natural remedy for mosquitoes.



Shanthisthal - 20 cents of land where the rare, endangered, and threatened plants are planted and maintained. It is a joint venture by the Department of Botany and the Biodiversity Club.


Jnana Udyan (Garden Library): It acts as an eco-friendly library, enabling the students to interact with nature while reading or studying.


Miyawaky forest : It is maintained by Department of Environmental Science and is funded by the Social Forestry Department, Government of Kerala. This urban jungle helps to reduce air pollution, noise pollution to maintain the biodiversity and aesthetics. It covers an area of five cents of land, near the Men’s Hostel of the college. There are almost 150 plants, belonging to 56 different species.


Solar Panels: Christ College contributes significantly to the conservation of natural resources. Solar Panels have been installed in the campus which helps in utilizing sunlight as a source of energy to generate direct current electricity.


Rain Water Harvesting: It is another great initiative undertaken by the college which contributes to the conservation of one of the most important natural resources, i.e., water. Rain water is collected and stored in a huge reservoir during the monsoon, and is used for various purposes in the college.


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