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Physical fitness is the ability of an individual to perform his/her daily tasks without fatigue. It enable the individual to live more comfortable and free from hypokinetic diseases. In view of the above, Christ College pays special attention to the health of its students. The college has organised several projects and programmes for the healthy aspects of the students like open gym, college fitness centre, inter class competitions, training camps in various events, heart health assessments, fitness challenges etc.




Having an inactive lifestyle can be one of the causes of many chronic diseases. By not getting regular exercise, we raise our risk of:


2. Heart diseases, including coronary artery disease and heart attack

3. High blood pressure

4. High cholesterol

5. Stroke

6. Metabolic syndrome

7. Type 2 diabetes

8. Certain cancers, including colon, breast, and uterine cancers

9. Osteoporosis and falls

10. Increased feelings of depression and anxiety

Leading a sedentary lifestyle can also raise the risk of premature death. And the more sedentary you are, the higher your health risks. The physical fitness depends upon one life style like time of wake-up, nutritional food, healthy sleep, regular physical activities, water consumption, positive attitude etc. It is the duty of every institutions to conduct such programs for the children and special programs should be devised for this purpose.




Christ Open Gymnasium

Christ Open Gymnasium 


Christ Indoor Gymnasium

Christ Indoor Gymnasium 









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