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Christ College is a participating Institute (PI-3384) of Unnath Bharath Abhiyan project supported by MHRD Government of India. 



Name of the Village

Padiyoor Grama Panchayat & No:6 of the Irinjalakuda Municipality


UBA volunteers from social Work Department under the leadership of Prof. Saijith N S conducted socio economic survey in two villages. The survey results identified some of the problems faced by farmers in the region.

a. Farmers are getting low income for their products.

b. Many of the products could not be processed to secondary byproducts due to climatic conditions (unexpected rains) of Kerala.



Solar Dryer


The UBA team and Chemistry Department conducted a joint meeting and it was decided to construct low cost, durable solar dryer may be a solution for the problem. Distributed the solar dryer for the 2 villages as part of Unnath Barath Abhiyan Scheme of Christ College, Irinjalakuda. On 31st October, 2020 the Unnath Barath Abhiyan wing of the Christ College Irinjalakuda organised a state level webinar and launched its 1st product under the Unnath Barath Abhiyan Project of the MHRD. The programme was inaugurated and the Product was launched (Product 1.0) SOLAR DRYER by the All India Unnath Barath Abhiyan Coordinator Dr. Manavee Ajith Singh of the IIT- Delhi.






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