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Vidyarthibhavan Gent’s Hostel


Rev.  Fr. Joy P. T. CMI 


Rev. Dr. Jolly Andrews CMI


Dr.Sr. Dilla Jose DST






  1. Admission to the hostel is made by the Warden.  Membership terminates with each academic year.  Student seeking admission/readmission must be accompanied by his parent/guardian. A student’s admission to hostel does not guarantee his next year’s admission. A student’s re-admission to hostel may depend on his academic performance and discipline.
  2. The members have to occupy the rooms assigned to them by the warden.  The Warden may subsequently change students’ rooms according to convenience.

On occupying the room, each member shall verify the furniture entrusted to him, and shall return them intact on his leaving the hostel.


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Christ Gent's Hostel



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