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1 Dr. Fr. Jolly Andrews., Principal in Charge (Chairman)
2 Dr. Sheeba Varghese U, Vice Principal
3 Dr. Xavier Joseph, Vice Principal
4 Dr. Sudheer Sebastian., Controller of Examinations
5 Dr. Robinson P Ponminiessary, Dean of Academic Affairs
6 Dr. Anilkumar N, Dean of Faculty and Students Affairs
7 Dr. K J Varghese, Dean of International Relations & Educational Outreach
8 Dr. Linto Alappat, Dean of Research & Development and Teaching Learning Center
9 Dr. Fr. Vincent N S, Bursar
10 Dr. Shinto K. G, IQAC Co-Ordinator (Member Secretary)
11 Prof. Jos T Puthur, Dept.of Botany, University of Calicut (University Nominee)
12 Prof. Janaky Sreedharan, Dept. of English, University of Calicut (University Nominee)
13 Prof. Mujeeb Rehman, Dept.of History, University of Calicut (University Nominee)
14 Pallikattil Mary Pathrose, HOD, Dept. of English (Aided)
15 Dr. Soni John T, HOD, Department of BPE
16 Dr. V.T. Joy, HOD, Dept. of Chemistry
17 Dr. Franco T Francis, HOD, Dept. of Economics (Aided)
18 Dr. Sr. Mariamma K D, HOD, Dept. of Statistics (Aided)
19 Dr. Subin K Jose, HOD, Dept. of Geology & Environmental Science
20 Dr. E. Vineetha, HOD, Dept. of Sanskrit
21 Dr. Josheena Jose, HOD, Dept. of Commerce (Aided)
22 Dr. Seena V, HOD, Dept. of Mathematics (Aided)
23 Fr. Teji K Thomas, HOD, Dept. of Malayalam (Aided)
24 Dr. Sreevidhya V, HOD, Dept. of History
25 Dr. Sudhikumar A V, HOD, Dept. of Zoology
26 Dr. Bintu T. Kalyan, Director, Physical Education
27 V P Anto, HOD, Dept. of Physics (Unaided)
28 Dr. Davis Antony Mundassery, HOD, Dept. of Statistics (Unaided)
29 Sinto Konkoth, HOD, Dept. of Malayalam (Unaided)
30 K J Joseph, HOD, Dept. of Commerce (Unaided)
31 C.L. Baby John, HOD, Dept. of Management Studies
32 Dr. George Alex, Dept. of Double Main
33 Dr. Anto Francis K, Dept. of Geology (Unaided)
34 Dr. Joju K T, HOD, Dept. of Mathematics (Unaided)
35 Bose P R, HOD, Dept. of Economics (Unaided)
36 E.J. Vincent, HOD, Dept. of Botany (Unaided)
37 Dr. Hemalatha P, HOD, Dept. of English (Unaided)
38 Dr. Ajeesh K George, HOD, Dept. of Social Work
39 Sini Thomas, HOD, Dept. of Computer Science
40 Christina Tony, HOD, Dept. of Psychology
41 Pius Joseph T, HOD, Dept. of Hotel Management
42 Nimitha K., HOD, Dept. of Library and Information Science
43 Binu George, HOD, Dept. of Food Technology
44 Bhavya Raju, HOD, Dept. of French
45 Aswin Sanjeev, HOD, Dept. of Vocational Studies, Food Processing Technology
46 Jeena T G, HOD, Dept. of Vocational Studies, Information Technology
47 Gokul V M, HOD, Dept. of Political Science
48 Greeni K I, HOD, Dept. of Chemistry (Unaided)
49 Dr. Jean Maria George, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics
50 Dr. Tom Cherian, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
51 Dr. R Soumya, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Botany
52 Dr. T Vivekanandan, Coordinator, Unaided Programmes
53 Dr. Vincent Mathew, Associate Professor, Dean, Central University of Kerala, Kasargod (Expert from Education)
54 Sri. Sachin Menon, Chief Operating Officer (Tax), Director, KPMG, India (Expert from Industry)
55 Sri Myson U K, Biotreat Labs Irinjalakuda (Expert from Industry)
56 Dr. Manoj P. Samuel, Executive Director, CWRDM (Expert from Science)






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