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Thavanish is a students’ social organization of our college with a motive of uplifting and supporting the financially backward, mentally or physically challenged and destitute people to lead a better life in the society. By providing financial and medical aid to the downtrodden sections of our society. Thavanish develops and grows the feeling of social responsibility and humanitarian services in the budding minds of our students. Visits to orphanages, old age homes and special schools enable our students to understand the plights of different people in our society. In this human world, the misery of the humans can be lifted by the humans who are courageous and conscientious enough to take real actions, instead of meekly hoping and praying. We occasionally visit different places like old age homes, orphanages, and home for mentally challenged peoples. Whenever we visit them, they always feel happy on our arrival. We give them the things needed by them such as food, clothing, groceries, sweets etc. We play with the children and develop an interactive session with the inmates which made them very happy.



Kerala Floods

Thavanish, a student community organization of Christ College during the floods, started a collection and distribution center on August 15, 2018 in Iringalakuda to take care of the basic materials for the flood relief camps. Subsequently, due to the adverse conditions in our neighborhood, a relief camp was started at the college and reached about 1,100 people.



During the COVID 19 pandemic, thavanish provided face masks, face shields, smartphones, PPE kits, sanitizers and food grains to prevent the spread of the disease in the community. Despite the rising number of people infected with the virus, Thavanish members and coordinators are still active.To strengthen process of containing and spreading the COVID-19, Thavanish, Christcollege’s social service organization, donated a sanitizer cum body temperature sensor to the Irinjalakuda District Treasury. (governmental).








Saviskara 2021


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