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Entae Maavu Ente Nattumavu Programme – Through this project, native mango saplings were developed and distributed to the nearby community.


Green Nature Award: Christ College (Autonomous) Green Nature Award has been constituted to honour the educational institutions for the valuable contributions towards conserving natural resources, especially for the promotion and planting of local varieties of jackfruit and mango trees in the institution campus. The award is expected to encourage the educational institutions for making significant movements towards environmental protection and nature conservation.


The first Green Nature Award (2020) was presented to Carmel Higher Secondary School, Chalakkudy. Special appreciation was extended to St. Joseph’s UP School, Pangarappilly. The award ceremony was conducted on 29th March, 2021 at Jose Thekkan Seminar Hall of Christ College (Autonomous). Dr. MK Jayaraj (Vice Chancellor, University of Calicut) was the Chief Guest. Rev, Fr. Martin Mallath CMI (General Councillor for Education and Media Communication, CMI Congregation) extended the benedictory address. Dr. Jose Thanikkal (Princiapal, Carmel HSS, Chalakkudy), and Mr. Jenil John K (Coordinator, St.Joseph’s UP School Pangarappilly) were present to deliver the reply speeches for the award.


Aaramam (NSS): On 30th October 2021, Volunteers of NSS units 20 & 49 of Christ College (Autonomous), Irinjalakuda built up a garden in UP School, Ananthapuram as a part of the ‘Aaramam’ Project initiated by Christ College NSS units under the supervision of the programme officers Prof. Tharun R, Prof. Jincy Rose, Prof. Linett George and Prof. Jomesh Jose.


Evidence of Success

The College bagged the Government of Kerala award in the year 2020 for Energy Conservation. The award was given by Kerala State Energy Board in Construction Category. This indicates the State Level recognition of Solar Energy, Rain water harvesting, and similar Eco-friendly projects of the College. The College received a number of awards and recognition from different NGOs and Associations related to environmental friendly initiatives of College. As part of beyond the campus environment initiatives, the College has instituted State level award Green Nature Award for best School in Kerala State from the year 2020 onwards. Well-functioning Sustainable Development Projects of Paper Recycling Unit, Vermicompost, Aquaponics etc.


Enhanced Research Publications by the Department of Zoology and Botany which include identification of new species in the Campus and in the vicinity Due to the rainwater harvesting project of the College, the groundwater level in the surrounding areas increased as per the study conducted by the Department of Environmental Science. Enhanced general awareness about the names of the trees and herbs is created among the students. Due to our creative eco-friendly initiatives, general environmental awareness has increased in the campus and the neighborhood. College campus has become greener and cleaner in a visible manner.


Problems Encountered and Resources Required

Relatively high initial investment of solar power generation panels and batteries required efficient financial mobilization. The same was also the case with the initial expenses allotted for the Sustainable Development Projects of Paper Recycling Unit, Vermicompost, Aquaponics. Food waste management was difficult in the beginning as students had to be conscientized regularly regarding the same. We faced problems in efficient maintenance of solar power generation in the beginning. The students from the agrarian background need to be periodically sensitized regarding the eco-friendly measures.


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