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Dance and music club of Christ College (Autonomous), Irinjalakuda encourages talents in dance, music and instruments. At the beginning of each academic year a screening will be conducted as part of selection for the college fine arts team. With the best of talents, the DANCE and MUSIC team was formed. Club members participates in all the cultural activities of the college and also in the intercollege and intra-university competitions and won prizes.


We envision encouraging artistic talents by upholding students' physical, emotional and intellectual well-being through celebrating their creativity & diversity and making them accountable, enthusiastic, determined, and creative adults in society.


To Promote students’ creative potential talent by infusing boundless love for dance and music through vibrant campus experience. Our motto is “Express the freedom of emotion through dance and music” meanwhile rousing self-confidence, creativity and discipline.

Teacher Coordinator

Dr. Vinitha E

Ms. Smitha Antony M

Student Coordinator

Edwin Antony

Sreelakshmi K Anil


An invited talk on “Influence of Arts in Character Building” by Remya Sarvada Das.



An online event named ‘Aaswadya’ conducted for students for upbringing their emotional well-being and also intended to bring together those who genuinely enjoy music and dance.

‘VOICE OF CHRIST’- a singing competition in college-level to find out the best male and female voice of Christ college.





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