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Teachers are the pillar stones on which an academic institution is built. They are public figures always under the scrutiny of students and society. Students look for role models in them and it’s the duty of teachers to be. Following is the code of ethics to be followed by christ college teachers.

  • Teachers should have a decent relationship with students, colleagues and non-teaching staff based on reverence and trust.
  • Teachers should be unbiased towards students in all their activities including teaching, evaluation and guidance.
  • Should not involve in any political activities inside the campus.
  • All members of teaching staff should maintain cordial relationship with parents and should interact with them constantly in matters relating to academics and character.
  • Actions of teaching staff should comply with rules and regulations set by university of calicut and ugc.
  • Teaching staff should be keen to professionally upgrade themselves in their subject by undergoing faculty development programmes and attending seminars and workshops.
  • All members of the teaching faculty are expected to be updated with new teaching methods including ict.
  • Dressing of teacher should be modest highlighting the dignity of a teacher and should wear identity card when they are in the campus.
  • Teachers should refrain from criticizing and rebuking other teachers in front of students and colleagues.
  • Teachers are expected to have a friendly relationship with students but with a professional distance.
  • Teachers should take part in programs and functions organized by the college and are expected to involve in the disciplinary issues of students.
  • Members of teaching staff are expected to have concern on the safety of students in discharging their duties as class teacher or club coordinator.
  • Teachers should be ready take administrative duties entrusted up on them by principal and head of the department/programme coordinator.
  • Apart from the regular duties of teaching teachers are expected to have additional responsibilities as vice principal, dean, head of the department / programme coordinator, mentor, chief mentor (class teacher), research guide, club coordinator, committee conveners and committee members. Teachers in such capacities are entrusted to follow the guidelines associated with such policy documents.
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