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Internal Complaints Committee & Prevention of Sexual Harassment

(For women employees/girl students)


ICC has been constituted in Christ College as per the UGC regulation dated 02nd May 2016 UGC (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal of Sexual Harassment of Women Employees and Students in Higher Educational Institutions) Regulations 2015. The ICC was reconstituted in Christ College (Autonomous), Irinjalakuda as per the new guidelines in 2017.



To ensure the welfare of women employees and girl students in the campus.

To handle the issues related with sexual harassment towards women employees and girl students.

To provide counselling and required support services to the victims.

To take proactive measures towards gender sensitization among staff and students.

To redress the grievances registered if any at the earliest.



  1. Inform employees and students of the recourse available to them if they are victims of sexual harassment;
  2. Organize regular orientation or training programs for the members of the ICC to deal with the complaints, steer the process of settlement or conciliation, etc., with sensitivity;
  3. Proactively move to curb all forms of harassment of employees and students whether it is from those in a dominant power or hierarchical relationship within Christ College or owing to intimate partner violence or from peers or from elements outside the institution.
  4. Be responsible to bring those guilty of sexual harassment against its employees and students to book and initiate all proceedings as required by law and also put in place mechanisms and redressal systems like the ICC to curb and prevent sexual harassment on its campus;
  5. Treat sexual harassment as a misconduct under service rules and initiate action for misconduct if the perpetrator is an employee.
  6. Treat sexual harassment as a violation of the disciplinary rules (leading up to rustication and expulsion) if the perpetrator is a student;
  1. Prepare an annual status report with details on the number of cases filed and their disposal and submit the same to the commission. 


Mechanism for Registering Grievances

Employee/student can directly approach Head of the Institution with her complaint. She may also report to the Presiding Officer of ICC about her complaint or can register her complaint through the online portal. She may also use the option to send your grievance to



Presiding Officer : Prof. Pallikattil Mary Pathrose (Associate Professor)

Faculty members : Dr. Tessy Paul P (Associate Professor)

                                    Prof. Sheeba Varghese (Associate Professor)

Non-teaching staff members : Ms. Silby P B

                                                          Ms. Sangeetha P R

External Member: Mrs. Sonia Giri, Municipal Chairperson, Irinjalakuda

Students : (1) Graduate level: Anjana Sudheesh (B. Com)

                    (2) Postgraduate level: Hilda V S (M.Sc Chemistry)

                    (3) Research scholar level : Anju Sara Prakash (Zoology Res. Scholar)



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