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General Rules of The Associations

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  1. The College Election and the working of the Association have to be viewed as a preparation for our democratic way of life. Democracy presupposes free elections, respect for the opposition, and Government through representatives. Our students should see that democratic values are carefully upheld during the elections.
  2. Without discipline the working of a society is impossible, nor there any progress. The indiscipline of a small minority disrupts the life of an entirecommunity. To avoid this, a self-imposed ‘code of discipline’ becomes necessary for the smooth functioning of the student community.
  3. The unrestricted use of microphones near the college premises undermines the academic atmosphere of the college and so its use has to be properly regulated.
  4. A convention of the representatives of the contesting parties shall be held before the nomination papers are accepted and a common policy shall be laid down regard-ing the conduct of the elections. No outsider shall be brought to address the students in the college campus. The detailed rules regarding the election of the office- bearers will be announced at the time of election.
  5. No meetings shall be arranged without the previous sanction of the Principal.
  6. No outsider shall be invited to any function without the previous sanction of the Principal.
  7. The funds of Association, being public money shall be spent by the students carefully and economically. For journeys undertaken on behalf of the Association only bus fare shall be claimed.
  8. As in all Government/university payments, no advance amount shall be paidtowards the expenses. The bill in the prescribed from shall be submitted to the Bursar for reimbursement. A daily allowance of Rs.25/ – will be paid for a full day spent on college duties.
  9. The bills in connection with the Association will be paid by the Bursar, only if they are legitimate and certified by the proper authority.
  10. For any project of public interest, or of common student welfare, the executive council may recommend for contribution from students.
  11. In all matters concerning the Associations the decision of Principal shall be final.
  12. Membership to branch association is voluntary, and only those students who have real interest in their activities need enroll them-selves as members.
  13. Only active members of the Association will be given certificates at the end of the course.
  14. The Secretaries of branch Association are elected by the general body of students.
  15. For each branch association where there is no broad-based working committee, the vice-president may nominate a joint secretary who will also be the treasurer. The vice – president, secretary and joint secretary will constitute the working committee.


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