PG Programmes Programmes at the Postgraduate level

The Postgraduate Programmes are offered under Choice Based Credit Semester System. The duration of the Programmes is 4 semesters distributed in a period of 2 years. The odd Semester starts in June and ends up in October and the even semester starts in November and ends up in March. Each Semester will have a minimum of 90 working days. The programmes offered here are:

  • (i) M. Sc. Chemistry with Synthetic Organic Chemistry as elective subject (12)
  • (ii) M. Sc. Zoology with Fishery Biology as special subject (12)
  • (iii) M. Sc. Physics, with Advanced Electronics, Communications Electronics (12) and experimental techniques
  • (iv) M. Sc. Environmental Science (12)
  • (v) M. Sc. Mathematics (15)
  • (vi) M. Sc. Botany* (12)
  • (vii) M.Com. with Financial Management as elective subject (20)
  • (viii) M. A. Economics (20)
  • (ix) M. A. History (16)
  • (x) M. A. English Literature* (15)
  • (xi) M.Sc. Geology* (12)
  • (xii) M.Sc. Statistics* (12)
  • (xiii) M.Sc. Clinical Psychology* (10)
  • (xiv) M.S.W.* (14)
  • (xv) M.Sc.Computer Science* (12)
  • (xvi) M.C.J.* (15)
  • * Self Financing