Bachelor of Library and Information Science programme 2018-19

BLISC open merit                          BLISC Etb                    BLISC OBH            

1. M.Sc Computer Science 2018

2. MSc Clinical Psychology 2018

3. MSW – 2018

4. MSc Environmental Science -2018

5. MA Economics

MA_Economics_OpenMerit                         MA Economics_Community_Merit                      MA Economics_SC_Merit         

6. MA English Language & Literature

MA English Language & Literature_OpenMerit       MA English Language & Literature_ETB             MA English Language & Literature_Muslim                 MA English Language & Literature_SC

7. MA History

MA History_OPEN_Merit                       MA History_Community                                              MA History_SC

8. MCom

MCom_OPEN MERIT                                 MCom_Community                        MCom_SC

9. MSc Botany

MSc Botany_OPENMERIT                       MSc Botany_Muslim                           MSc Botany_SC

10. MSc Chemistry

MSc Chemistry_OPENMERIT            MSc Chemistry_Community                          MSc Chemistry_SC

11. MSc Applied Geology

MSc Applied Geology_OPEN_MERIT            MSc Applied Geology_ETB                   MSc Applied Geology_SC

12. MSc Mathematics

MSc Mathematics_OPENMERIT             MSc Mathematics_Community                           MSc Mathematics_SC

13. MSc Physics

MSc Physics_OPENMERIT                          MSc Physics_Community                               MSc Physics_SC

14. MSc Statistics

MSc Statistics_OPENMERIT           MSc Statistics_ETB                 MSc Statistics_OBH                

15. MSc Zoology

MSc Zoology_OPENMERIT                     MSc Zoology_Community                                  MSc Zoology_SC