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Rev. Fr. John Thottappily CMI        

Christ Monastery


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Phone: 0480 2825384, 9567837534

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Fr. John Thottapilly is a highly gifted religious priest of CMI congregation with the calling and desire to serve God and the society.  He was a dedicated College Professor in Mathematics and taught in this same College from 1969 onwards. With his remarkable knowledge of principles and methods for curriculum and training design, he turned to guiding individuals and groups. He is also a spiritual guide who is a haven of solace to many tormented minds. Apart from being a teacher, he served many institutions as an efficient administrator. His arena of activities ranged from hostel wardenship to financial auditing and administration.  Excellent knowledge of human behavior and performance made him a successful hostel warden at this same college during 1974 to 1978 and 1984 t0 1987. His passion for teaching and loving care and concern for the student community prompted him to take up the office of the Principal at Mary Matha College, Varantharappilly. He was also instrumental in the establishment of an Industrial Training Centre (ITC) at Pullur where he served both as the Manager and Principal. He also served as the Manager of the following Institutions:  St. Theresa’s College, Kottakal, St. Joseph’s HSS, Pavaratty and Deepthi HSS, Thalore

He has to his credit over 10 years of solid experience providing selfless social service among the downtrodden in Kenya. He involved himself completely in organizing and engaging in interfaith, community, civic and educational activities as Director and Manager at Mount Sinai CMI school, Mlolngo and CMI Christ School, Mukutano in  Kenya. He also started a life guidance centre at Kenya named as CMI Emmaus Retreat Centre at Makuttano.

From 2012 onwards he is at Christ Monastery, Irinjalakuda officiating as the Manager, Christ College, Irinjalakuda.

He is ever a source of inspiration and encouragement to all; he is the trail blazer to Christites