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Under Graduate Choice Based Credit System
Programme Core Course Complementary Course Elective Student Intake
B.Sc. Mathematics Statistics & Computer Science  Graph Theory 48
B.Sc. Physics Mathematics & Chemistry  Material Science and Thin Films 48
B.Sc Physics*# Mathematics &Computer Science  Material Science and Thin Films 24
B.Sc. Chemistry Mathematics & Physics  Env. Chemistry 48
B.Sc. Zoology Botany and Chemistry  Aqua Culture, Animal husbandry & Poultry 36
B.Sc. Geology Chemistry & Statistics  Environment Geology 36
B.Sc Geology*# Chemistry & Mathematics Environment Geology 24
B.Sc. Computer Science* Mathematics & Statistics  Computer Graphics & Web Design 36
B.Sc. Psychology* Physiology & Statistics for Psychology  Personality Development 36
B.Sc  Food Technology*#   Nutrition and Health 24
B.A. Economics Modern Indian History & Political Science  Economics of Business and Finance 60
B.A. Functional English Indian Writing in English,Landmark in English Literature.  Language for Advertising Theory and practice. 40
B.A Malayalam* Journalism & Cultural Studies Folklore Studies 40
B.A English Literature*  Journalism & Electronic media   36
B.A English and History*  (Double Main)     36
B.Com. Commerce Finance & Basic Accounting  Financial Management 60
B.Com. Commerce*  Finance & Basic Accounting   Financial Management 60
B.Com. Commerce*  Finance & Basic Accounting  Banking & Finance 60 Commerce* Finance & Basic Accounting Finance 60
B.C.A. Computer Application*  Mathematics & Statistics  Internet Programming 36
B.S.W. Social Work*  Community Health & Social Psychology  Social work with elderly . 36  


Business Administration* Finance and Basic Accounting    40  
    Professional Degree      Programmes      
Integrated B.P.Ed(4 yr) Physical Education Health Education and Sports    36
B.Li.Sc (1-yr)
Eligibility- Any Degree
 Library and Information Science     30
B.Sc Hotel Management and catering Science Nutrition Hygiene and Sanitation Hotel Sale and Marketing 30
B.Com Professional       40

* Self financing.,*# Self Financing and Affiliation Awaited