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National Service Scheme (units 20 & 49)

Christ College, Irinjalakuda


With the motto ‘Not me but You’ National Service Scheme volunteers of Christ College, Irinjalakuda are always socially committed. From safeguarding environment to social service, they have become the icon of ideal citizens. Presently there are two nss units in Christ college. Programme officers Dr. Robinson P Ponminiessary and Prof. Shine Paul are giving leadership for NSS activities.


Regular activities

Volunteers find time after their curricular activities to get involved in social work. The thrust areas of nss activities in recent years are

  1. Sravyam.

The sravyam project of NSS has already become a model activity. Audio books are prepared under this project for the visually impaired students in and out of the college. The project started in association with Kerala Federation of the Blind Youth Forum (KFBYF, Thirunanthapuram). Over 425 hours of audio materials are available now. Books are now kept for free distribution at sravyam digital audio library which has become a part of college central library. A whatsapp group under the name ‘Sravyam’ is now gaining popularity amoung the visually impaired community. The really inclusive Sravyam whatsapp group broadcasts PSC question papers, opportunities, general knowledge and other useful materials for the visually impaired. A one week camp was organized with collaboration of Insight, trivandrum give enhance the softskill of visually impaired in which 18 visually impaired students took part.

  1. Ashwas.

The project Ashwas aims at providing medical help to poor and elderly patients. A lot of medicines are kept unwanted in households. Many people purchase medication and are not completing the full course. Once the patients are recovered from the ailment, medicines become unwanted and are kept stockpiled. This is a menace to young children in the house as they may consume them without the knowledge of parents. Once the medicines are expired they are thrown out creating waste problems. Volunteers of national service scheme, Christ college tackled this problem. They volunteered to collect unexpired medicines from houses. During collection they gave instructions for the proper disposal of expired medicines. The collected medicines were sorted and categorized with the help of a pharmacist. Medicines were then distributed in free medical camps. Under the guidance of a registered doctor and pharmacist the volunteers themselves are given the charge of medicine distribution. The nss unit came up with this new project in December; and within four months (december to march) could conduct two medical camps, one at the special camp site at vazhachal tribal settlement and the other at the adopted colony- chavara colony.

  1. Caring nature.

The caring nature project shows the environmental concern of nss volunteers. The project consists of making articles by paper recycling, planting, protecting and conserving native fruit trees, organic farming and creating awareness through street play. Volunteers now make environmental friendly seminar materials like paper pens, paper file folders, paper bags and cloth bags. Only used paper and old cloths are the starting materials. The project is well received by the community and now the brand ‘caring nature’ is established. The poster presentation based on the project was awarded the national level best poster award of 2015 at Rajiv Gandhi National Institute for Youth Development, Chennai. Organic farming is done in college polyhouse by the NSS volunteers and it has also become highly successful.



Apart from regular one day camps conducted on saturdays, each year two special camps are conducted for the volunteers. This provides the volunteers to get really involved with the problems of the society. Two day camp is organized at the adopted colony 9chavara colony0 during pooja holidays and a seven day camp is conducted at the special camping site during Christmas holidays.

Nirakootu;- this years camp was during