Institution > Administrative Board

Manager : Rev. Fr.  Jacob Njerinjampilly CMI
Principal : Rev. Dr. T.M. Jose CMI
Vice Principal : Prof. Jolly Andrews
Vice Principal : Prof. Dr.Mathew Paul Ukken
Bursar : Rev.Fr.Jolly Andrews CMI
Gents Hostel Wardens : Dr. Jacob George,
Ladies Hostel Wardens : Rev. Sr. Josephine David,
College Council Secretary :  
Office Superintendent : Sri V.D. Varghese

Controller of Examinations Dr. Davis Antony Mundassery
Secretary to Teaching staff council Prof.Mrs.Shine Paul
Staff Advisor   
Anti Ragging Committee Convenors Dr.A.J.Thankachan
Prof. Jolly Andrews
Prof.Mrs.Mary Pathrose
Discipline Committee Chairman  Dr.N.Anilkumar
IQAC Co-ordinator   Dr.Robinson Ponminissery
Returning Officer  Prof.P.D.Tomy
Admission committee conveners Prof.Arun.S
UGC Project Officer  Prof.Mrs.Sheeba Varghese
UGC Career Oriented Programme Co-ordinator Dr.C.O.Joshi
UGC Cell for Civil Service Coaching  Dr. Subin Joseph
UGC Cell for NET & SET Coaching Prof.Tom Jacob,
Dr.Robinson Ponminissery
CSA Advisor Prof.Rev.Sr.Rosy.,
Prof.Mrs.Josheena Jose
NCC Officer  Dr.Jacob George
CSS Co-ordinator  Dr. Mrs. Digna Varghese
NSS Programme Officers (3 Units)  Dr.Arun Balakrishnan
Students Aid Fund Convenor   Prof.K.J.Joseph
Career Guidance & Placement cell Dr. Subin Joseph
Women's Cell Convenor Dr. Rani Varghese,
Dr.Sreevidhya V
Grievance Redressel Cell (Students) 
Prof.Mrs.Sheeba Varghese
Grievance Redressel Committee
(for Physically handicapped students)
Time Table Convenors Prof. Shinto K.G.,
Tutorial / Guardians meetings  Prof.Mrs.Seena V,
Prof. Baby John
Examination Committee Convenor Dr.Xavier Joseph
University examination Chief Superintendent  Prof.Mary Pathrose
Dr.Robinson P.P
Research Consultative Committee Convenor   
Christ College Research Review Editor  Dr. V.P.Joseph,
Dr.Leyon Varghese
Academic Monitoring Committee Chairman 

Dr.Mathew Paul Ukken (UG)
Inter Disciplinary Lecture Series Organizer  Prof. Sebastian Joseph
News Letter Chief Editor Dr. K.J. Varghese
Hand Book Calendar Organizer  Dr. TOM CHERIYAN
Dr.Binu M. John
Drawing & Painting Co-ordinator  Prof.Mrs. Tintumol Sunny
Prof.Mrs.Jincy S.R.
Quiz Club Co-ordinator  Prof.Mrs.Josheena Jose
Tourism Club Co-ordinator  Prof. P.R.Bose
Dr.Sudhikumar A.V.
Fine Arts Co-ordinators Dr.Mrs Vineetha E.
Prof. Tom Jacob
Music Club Co-ordinator  
Dance Club Co-ordinator Dr.Mrs Vineetha E.
Drama Club Co-ordinator Dr. K.M. Jayakrishnan
Debate & Literary Club Co-ordinator  Dr. Arun Balakrishnan
Water Analysis Lab Co-ordinator Dr. Subin Joseph
Film Club Co-ordinator  Dr. K.J. Varghese
Enviro - Club Co-ordinator  Dr. Sudhikumar A.V.
Science Club Co-ordinater  Dr. Pious K. Jacob
Entrepreneurship Dev.Club Co-ordinator  Prof. P.A.Varghese
Library Advisory Committee Convenor   
Guardians & Well-Wisher's Assn.President  Sri. M.C. Paul
Old Students Association Secretary  Prof. V.P.Anto
Parent - Teacher Association Secretary  Dr. Mathew Paul Ukken
Staff Editors, Students Magazine  Dr. A.J. Thankachan
  Dr. B.P. Aravinda
Website Managing Dr. Shaju K.Y.  
  Sri.Prajeesh Menon  

1. Rev. Fr.  Jacob Njerinjampilly CMI, Manager & President
2. Rev. Dr. T.M. Jose CMI, Principal & Secretary
3. Rev. Fr. Jolly Andrews CMI, Provincial Secretary for Education
4. Bursar :Rev. Fr. Jolly Andrews CMI
5. Sri. K.P. John, Nominee of the Minority Community
6. Sri. M.C. Paul, Nominee of the Minority Community
7. Sri. A.L. Johny, Nominee of the Minority Community
8. Elected Representative of the Teaching Staff
9. Elected Representative of the Non - Teaching Staff
10. College Union Chairman

1. Principal, Rev.Dr. T.M. Jose CMI
2. Bursar:Rev. Fr. Jolly Andrews CMI
3. Prof.V.P.Anto
4. Dr.Mathew Paul Ukken
5. Dr.Linto Alappatt
9. Dr. Pius K Jacob
12. Dr. B.P. Aravinda
14. Dr. Davis Antony Mundassery
15. Dr. K.M. Jayakrishnan
16. Prof. Sebastian Joseph
18. Dr.Mrs.Vineetha E
19 Dr.Sony John T (Elected member)
20 Dr.Franko T Francis(Elected member)