K.O. Francis

Name K.O. Francis
Designation Associate Professor
Department Commerce
Date of Birth 11/5/1960
Date of Entry into Service  
Residential Address Kainadan House, 151,Nazareth Nagar,Angamaly 683572, Ernakulam Dt.
Email franciskainadan@gmail.com
Educational Qualifications M.Com.,LL.B,PGDCA,M.Phil
Post Graduation M.Com,1984 Calicut University
M.Phil. Cochin University, 2006
Current research activities Doing Part-Time Ph.D
Papers ' Observing the Other ' : The Dutch Information-gathering in the Early Modern Malabar, South India, International Seminar on European Maritime Activities in Peninsular India, 1500-1800, Tellicherry, Kerala, 18-20 January 2010.