Antony Thomas


Ph    :0480-2892234

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          To make a career in teaching built upon an unflinching attitude to learn. Seeking a quality environment where my knowledge and experience can be shared and enriched.

Educational Qualifications:

M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

Plus Two


Project Undertaken


Masters of Technology


Main Project Title: Credit Based Scheduling Algorithm in Cloud Computing Environment

Project Description: Tasks are scheduled based on a credit system. These credits are based on task length and task priority (Cloudsim).


Mini Project Title: DFS Load Balancer

Project Description: On submission of a data to main server will split the data based on the availability of sub servers. On retrieval data will be reformed by the data available in sub servers.





Bachelors of Technology


1. Main Project Title: Cloud Computing 

    Project Description: Through our project we  developed a cloud computing platform through which we can   

    access the services offered by the cloud. The applications include online database manager, online website   

    builder, text editor etc.


2. Mini Project Title: Remote System Administration in Linux

    Project Description: The software aimed at Controlling Systems without using any System

    Commands in Linux. It includes Mouse Control, Shut Down Logoff etc.


 Personal Data


Name                                 : ANTONY THOMAS

Sex                                     : Male

Date of Birth                        : 31-07-1989

Nationality                           : Indian

Father’s Name                     : C A THOMAS

Marital Status                       : Unmarried

Languages Known                : English, Malayalam

Present Address                   : Chakkalakkal House,

                                            Malapallipuram P O,Mala

                                            Thrissur,Kerala – 680732


Technical Skills


·         Languages: C,C++, Basic exposure to JAVA, VB.Net, Visual C Sharp,ASP.Net

·         CCNA Course Completed.

·         Operating system: Windows, Exposure to Linux

·         Attended Infosys Foundation level Certified Programs


Professional Summary


·         Have 1 year of teaching experience in a college



Experience Summary


·         Working as A Lecturer in Christ College Irinjalakuda, Thrissur  August 2014 to Present.





·         Sports & games, Listening to music, Watching sports channels.




  • Served as Technical Head of EMINENCE 2010, International Technical Symposium conducted by Department of Computer Science in College
  • Worked as Sports Secretary and College Football Team Captain


Papers and Seminars


·         Presented a paper (Credit Based Scheduling algorithm in cloud computing environment) in an International Conference on  Information and communication technologies (ICICT-2014) , Cusat , Kochi

·         Presented a paper (A Novel approach of load balancing strategy in cloud computing) in an International Conference on  Innovations, Advances in Science , Engineering and Technology (ICIASET-2014) , Toc H College, Ernakulum

·         Presented a paper (An Optimal Load Balancing Strategy for Cloud Computing Environment) in National   Conference on  Cloud Computing, Marian College Kuttikkanam  

·         A combined approach to ensure data security in cloud computing

·         Honey bee behaviour inspired load balancing of tasks in cloud computing environments





·         Published a paper (Credit Based Scheduling algorithm in cloud computing environment)in ELSEVIER

·         Published a paper (A Novel approach of load balancing strategy in cloud computing) in IJIRSET



Summary of Qualifications and skills


·Good communication and convincing skills

·Excellent teamwork and spirit

·Possess good leadership quality




Prof. Manoj T Joy

The HOD,

Computer Science And Engineering Department,

Amaljyothi College of Engineering and Technology, Kanjirappally,Kottayam,

Kerala-686 518

Ph: 9447661414

Prof. Vince Paul

The HOD,

Computer Science And Engineering Department,

Sahrdaya College of Engineering

and Technology, Kodakara, Thrissur,

Kerala-680 684

Ph: 9446143299




       I hereby declare that the above mentioned information are factually correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I also understand that in the event of any information being found false or incorrect at any stage, my application/candidature is liable to be rejected.




Place: Mala                                                                                                     ANTONY THOMAS