Dr. A.V. George (HOD)


Name                                        :           Dr. A.V. George
Official Address                         :           Head of the department Geology and  Environmental sciences,
                                                             Christ college,
Contact No                               :           04802825456
E-mail                                       :           aikara@sify.com
Date of Birth                              :           20-11-1956
Nationality                                 :           Indian
Marital Status                            :           Married
B. Academic Profile

















University College, Trivandrum

University of  Kerala,Kariavattom Campus
University of Kerala

Sikkim Manipal University of Medical Science and Technology Environmental Science





Disaster Mitigation
(Environmental Science)


1st Class

1st Class


1st Class with Distinction

Diploma in Environmental Management ISO 14001-2004









Teaching Experience                        :           25 years
Teaching Environmental Sciences, Geology, Disaster Management, Hydrogeology and Structural geology, also worked as Lecturer for M.Tech Students in Geophysics and M.Sc Students in Marine geology, Cochin University of Science and Technology

Administrative experience                :           1) 24 years as the Head of the Department
                                                                  2)  Senior most member of the Christ college council

Designation                                     :           Reader & Co-ordinator


Research Projects Undertaken
Ongoing Project

  1. ‘Geo environmental appraisal of Vagamon – Pullikanam area of Western Ghats, Kerala with special reference to identification of landslide prone areas’. (Principal Investigator) (UGC Funded research programme Order No. MRP (S)–311/2005) (X-Plan) KLCA 008/ UGC/ SWRO dated 3rd March 2005).
  1. ‘Predictive modelling for landslide occurrence in the Western Ghats region of Kerala  based on field studies and critical evaluation of Landsat imageries and GIS application’ (Planning and Economic Affairs (E) department Order No. GO (MS) no. 25/06/Plg Dated 9.3.2006)(Principal investigator)
  1. ‘Geo-environmental appraisal and hydrological scenario of a typical highland terrain of Western Ghat region with special reference to identification of fault/fracture and lineament zones and its impact on Mullaperiyar-Idukki and other dams using satellite imageries and GIS modelling’ (Planning and economic affairs (E) Department Order No. GO (MS) No. 32/06/plg Dated 28.03.2006) (Principal investigator).
  1. ‘Environmental Status of the Periyar River Drainage System of the Western Ghat Region of Kerala’ Planning and Economic Affairs (WGC) Department (No. 553/WGC/06/Plg Dated 08.02.2007) (Principal Investigator: Dr.A.P.Thomas;  Co-investigator: Dr A V George) 
  1. ‘Solid Waste Management’ Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India F No 9-39/2006-EE Dated 30.01.2007(Project Co-ordinator)

Submitted / Approved

  1. ‘Comprehensive Disaster management Plan for Mullaperiyar hazard’ Submitted to the Government of Kerala, as per the request of the revenue Department of the Government of Kerala. Project approved by the Government. Order not yet issued. (Project Co-ordinator) 
  1. Comprehensive Disaster management Plan for Cyclones in Kerala. In preparation as per the request from Revenue Department, Government of Kerala. (Project Co-ordinator)

Details of Research Guidance

(Approved Research Guide of Mahatma Gandhi University order No.Ac.A  VI/2/300/RG/2003 dated 4/11/2004)


Name and designation of the Research Scholar

Topic of Research

U.O.No and Date of the Registration


Sri. K.V Nazar Ahamed, M.Sc District Geologist
Malappuram(Dt) Kerala

‘Geo Environmental appraisal of Bharathapuzha river basin with special reference to river degradation’

No. Ac AII/4/   Env.Sci/2650/
Jan 05 dated


Sri. Babu Jacob, M.Sc      sel.gr,Lecturer
Christ College Irinjalakkuda, Trichur(Dt), Kerala

‘Hydrological scenario and fluoride contamination of ground water in Muthalamada, Kozhinjampara, Eruthempatty and Kollenkode panchayath of Palghat district with special reference to defluoridization using modern and bio-degradable substances’.

No. Ac AII/4/    Env.Sci/2650/
Jan 05 dated


Sri. Pious Joseph, M.Sc.M.Phil,
sel. gr.Lecturer
Christ College,Irinjalakkuda  Trichur(Dt), Kerala

‘Influences of saline intrusion along the fresh water coastal aquifers of Central Kerala, South India’

No. Ac AII/4/    Env.Sci/2650/
Jan 05 dated


Sri. P.N Ajith Kumar, M.Sc, Senior geologist
Kerala State Ground Water department, Eranakulam(Dt) Kerala

‘Geo Environmental status and hydrological scenario of Ambalapuzha taluk with special reference to fluoride contamination’

No. Ac AII/4/    Env.Sci/2650/
Jan 05 dated


Sri. Thomas Scaria M.Sc,
Senior geologist
Kerala State Ground Water department, Trichur(Dt) Kerala

‘A comparative study of Chalakudy and Karuvannur river basins, Central Kerala with special reference to hydrological and geo environmental aspects’

No. Ac AII/4/    Env.Sci/2650/
Jan 05 dated


Sri K.J Antony M.Sc M.Phil,
sel. gr Lecturer
Christ College,Irinjalakkuda  Trichur(Dt), Kerala

‘Geo environmental appraisal and pollution studies of Manimala river basin with special reference to Pilgrimage tourism’

No. Ac AII/4/    Env.Sci/2650/
Jan 05 dated


Sri. P.M Joy, M.Sc, M.Phil, Senior Lecturer
St. Thomas College, Trichur(Dt), Kerala

‘Geo environmental status and hydrological scenario of a typical highland, midland and lowland transverse profile of Kerala with special reference to GIS application- A case study from Central Kerala’

No. Ac AII/4/               Env.Sci/1015/
Jan 06 dated


Sri. P.G Philip M.Sc, M.Phil,
sel. gr.Lecturer
Marthoma College, Thiruvalla, Kottayam(Dt) Kerala

‘Hydrological status and geo environmental appraisal of Achankovil river basin with special reference to river degradation’

No. Ac AII/4/               Env.Sci/1015/
Jan 06 dated


Miss. Suma Mathew, M.Sc

‘Study of the Hydrological scenario of Kallada and Pallikal river basins in Kollam District of South India with special reference to identification of ground water potential zones on different watersheds’

No. Ac AII/4/               Env.Sci/1015/
Jan 06 dated


Deputy Director
Western Ghat Cell, Planning & Economic affairs dept. Pattam, Trivandrum

‘Geo environmental appraisal and comparative study of Valiya Kamakshi micro watershed and Eramallur Thodu micro watershed in highland and midland region of Periyar river basin of the Western Ghats region of Kerala’

Synopsis submitted to
the University (Registration awaiting)


  1. Post doctoral experience – Examiner Ph.D thesis evaluation Mysore University
  2. a. Research Papers Published
  1. Microstructural Analysis of Quartz C-axis orientation from Kommanandal, Polur area, Thiruvannamalai district, Tamilnadu, South India. Indian Mineralogist Vol. 38. No 2.2004 p 39-45.
  2. Saline Intrusion along the Fresh Water Coastal Aquifers of Perinjanam, Trichur district and Ponnani Area of Malappuram district, Central Kerala, South India. Jourl. Indian Association of Sedimentologists, Vol. 23, Nos. 1 & 2 (2004), pp. 115-123.
  3. Petrochemical evolution of Sananandal Granite, Polur area, Thiruvannamalai district, Tamilnadu. VIth convention of MSI and International Seminar on Earth Resource Management(ISEM)Abst.Vol. p8
  4. Comprehensive Disaster Management Plan, Disaster preparedness Frame work, Hazard Risk Determination and Potential Loss Mapping. International Conference on Disaster Management and Trauma Councelling organized by Centre for Psychological Concelling, Dept. of Psychology, Bangalore University, 21-22 December 2005, Abstr. Vol. p 18
  5. Geo Thermal Energy – An Alternative Energy Source, Research Review Jourl. Vol.1. P 36-38, 2001
  6. Hydrological Scenario of Elangunnapuzha Panchayath Area, Vypin Island, Ernakulam district, Kerala. Research Review Jourl. V.2 P 59-62, 2002
  7.  Environment of deposition and origin of Banded Iron Formation (BIF) of Thiruvannamalai district, Tamilnadu, South India. Research Review Jour.l V.3 p 1-5, 2004
  8. Terrain Evaluation and identification of landslide prone areas of Vagamon, Kottayam district, Kerala, South India National Seminar on Coastal Environments and Management 2004 held at Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, 24th and 25th April 2004. Absr. Vol p 8
  9. Geo environmental Appraisal of Vagamon area, Kottayam at Kerala, South India with special reference to land use pattern, National Seminar on Coastal Environments and Management 2004 held at Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, 24th and 25th April 2004 Abstr. Vol p 50
  10. Plant biodiversity studies of Vagamon area, Kottayam district with special reference to Ecotourism and Pilgrimage tourism, Research Review’ Jourl. V 1. p 36-38, 2001
  11. Influence of Saline Water intrusion on Fresh water bodies of Vypin Island, Ernakulam district, Kerala Spl.pub. on National Seminar on Current Environmental Problem and Management Aug 1 to 3, 2002, p. 68
  12. The Mullaperiyar dam and related problems,Tree India environment Jourl. Vol 22/5 Dec 2005 p 14-18
  13. Geo environmental status of our rivers – the Kerala scenario, Spl. Memoir of Jubilee Celebrations,
  14. PG department of Applied Geol. MES College, Ponnani.
  15. Mullaperiyar dam issue – the fact sheet , e-journal ‘Viewspaper’. 20th May 2007


b. List of Books Published

  1. “Bhookambangal Enthukondu Engane” by D C Books, Kottayam Ist Ed. July 2001. 3rd Ed. November 2005
  2. “Mullaperiyar – Keralam Neridunna Dhurantha Bheeshani” Current Books, Kottayam Ist Ed. Sep 2006, 2nd Ed. March 2007
  3. “An Introdction to Physical Geology and Geomorphology” Mythri Publications, Trichur, Ist Ed. 2003,  2nd Ed. May 2005
  4. “Manal Varalum Paristhithi Prashnangalum”, Published by District Collector, Trichur on behalf of River Sand Export Committee of Trichur district, Kerala
  5. “Paristhithi Malineekaranam” The State Institute of Languages, Kerala (Under printing)
  6. “Ohari Nikshepam” Mythri Publications. Distibuted by Current Books and Pai & Co.Ist Ed June 1992
  7. Indo- US Anavakarar, Sadhyadakalum Bhadhyadakalum” Mythri Publications ,Irinjalakkuda.Nonember 2007

         c. List of Articles

  1. Well collapses related earth phenomenaA scientific analysis, Deepika daily Aug 2001
  2. Well disappearence – Earth quake and heavy rain –the reason A scientific analysis. Deepika Daily Aug 2001
  3. Earth Quake chances in Kerala. ‘DeshaSnehi’ biweekly Dec 1-16, page 26-27
  4. Some facts behind the Mullaperiyar issue, ‘Pachakuthira The biweekly published by DC books, Kottayam. Book No 3, Vol 5, P 48-50
  5. The phenomenon of Earthquake’ The Lesson No 10. Text book of Standard VII of CBSE School, Published by Asian Book house, Educational Publishers

Present status/ Positions held/ Membership in professional bodies

  1. Co-ordinator, M.Sc Disaster Management Course, Disaster Management Division, School of Environmental Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University (2005-2007)
  2. Head, P.G  department of Environmental Sciences and Geology(1981-2005)
  3. Fellow and Life member, Geological Society of India, Bangalore
  4. Fellow and Life member, Mineralogical Society of India, Calcutta
  5. Life member, Indian Society of Remote Sensing, Dehradun
  6. Life member, Tropical Institute of Ecological Sciences, Kottayam, Kerala
  7. Member, Indian Science Congress
  8. Member, Academic Council, University of Calicut
  9. Member, Science Faculty, University of Calicut
  10. Member(expert), District River Sand Committee(Chaired by District Collector appointed by Govt. of Kerala)
  11. Member(expert), Govt. of Kerala Cabinet Sub Committee on Mullaperiyar Dam Issue constituted for holding discussions with Tamilnadu
  12. Member(expert), Inspection Commision on Recognition of Research Centre, Kannur University
  13. Member, Ph.D Thesis valuation panel, University of Mysore
  14. Chairman, Panel of question paper setters for M.Sc. Environmental Sciences, University of Kerala, 2007
  15. Chairman, Board of question paper setters for B.Sc. & M.Sc., Mahatma Gandhi University, 2002
  16. Chairman, Board of question paper setters M.Sc. Applied Geology, University of Calicut, 2003
  17. Chairman, Board of question paper setters for B.Sc. Geology, Mahatma Gandhi University 2003, 2004 and 2005
  18. Chairman, Board of question paper setters for M.Sc. Geology,  Mahatma Gandhi University 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005
  19. Member, Board of studies in Geology, Mahatma Gandhi University 2004
  20. Member, Board of studies in Geology, University of Calicut 1993-1996, 1996-1999, 1999-2003, 2003-2006
  21. Member, PG Board of Examiners, M.Sc. Tech in Marine Geo Physics, Cochin University of Science and Technology 1994
  22. Member, Board of Examiners M.Sc. Marine Geology, Cochin University of Science and Technology 2002
  23. Member, Board of Examiners M.Sc. Geology, Mahatma Gandhi university, 2002
  24. Member, Board of Examiners, M.Sc. Applied Geology, University of Calicut 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2005
  25. Member, Board of Examiners, M.Sc. Environmental Sciences, University of Calicut 2003
  26. Member, PG Board of Examiners, M.A. Geography (Paper- Disaster Management) for II and IV Semester, Sree Shankara University, Kalady 2007
  27. Member, Board of question paper setters for Higher Secondary Part III Geology (Class XII) March 2004
  28. Member, PG Board of Examiners, M.Sc. Geology, Kannur University
  29. Member, Subcommittee on syllabus revision for both B.Sc. Geology and M.Sc.Geology of the University of Kerala
  30. Subject expert, for the selection of lecturers in Geology, MES College, Ponnani, Calicut University
  31. Subject expert for the selection of lectures in Geology, Mar AthanaceousCollege of Engineering, Kothamangalam
  32. Member, Municipal level expert committee, Irinjalakuda Municipality
  33. Member, College Council, Christ College, Irinjalakuda (1981-2005)

15.   Seminars / Conferences Organized / Attended

a.   Seminars / Training Programmes Organized

  1. General convenor, National seminar on “Current Environmental Problems and Management” held at Christ College, Irinjalakuda, Aug. 1-3, 2002
  2. Co-Chairman, Regional training programme in Environmental Management Organized by Limnological association of Kerala & Dept. of Geology & Env.Science, Christ College, Irinjalakuda, 24th & 25th Jan 2005
  3. General Convenor, One day State Level Seminar on “Nammude Bhoomikku Enthupatti” (What happened to our Earth) – Organized by Dept of Environmental Science and Geology – 15th Sept. 2001
  4. Convenor, 2 day seminar on “Earthquakes – Why? And How?” organized by Christ College, Irinjalakuda
  5. Successfully completed UGC – CEC Multimedia E-content Development training programme organized by Consortium for Educational Communications, UGC 26th to 30th June 2006 at MACFAST Campus, Thiruvalla
  6. General Convenor, Regional Training Programme in Environmental Impact Assessment held at Christ College, Irinjalakuda from January 24th to 25th 2005
  7. General Convenor, State level orientation cum training programme on Disaster Management for teachers of CBSE schools of Kerala held at the High Range Environmental Research Centre, Nedumkandam, Idukki District, Kerala held on 23rd to 24th May 2006 organized by the School of Environmental Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University
  8. Chairman, State Level programme of refresher course for high school teachers held at Dept of Geology and Environmental Science on 23rd Oct 2002

b. International Conferences / Seminars

  1. Participated and presented a research paper on ‘Comprehensive Disaster Management Framework” at the International Conference on Disaster Management and Trauma Counselling organized by the Centre for Psychological Counselling, Department of Psychology, Bangalore University, Bangalore, India on 21st and 22nd December 2005
  2. Participated and presented two research papers at the International Conference on “Earth Resource Management” held at Kuvempu University on 28th, 29th and 30th January 2004
  3. Participated at the International Education Meet held at Kochi, Kerala on January 4th to 7th February 2006. Sponsored by the Govt. of Kerala


c. National / State level Conference/ Workshop attended

  1. National Workshop/Seminar on ‘Data Mining and Digital library’ held at Electronics Dept. Auditorium, Cochin university of Science and Technology from 11th to 12th Dec. 2004
  2. National seminar on ‘Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System in Natural Resource Management – Current status and emerging trends’ from March 17th to 19th 2003 held at Hotel Windsor Castle, Kottayam organized jointly by School of Environmental Sciences and ISRO
  3. National Seminar on Artificial Intelligence and Expert system held at Christ College, Irinjalakuda from February 26th to 27th, 2004 organized by Bharathiyar University off campus centre and Centre for continuing education
  4. National seminar on ‘Ecology and Conservation of  Wetlands’ organized by Limnological Association of Kerala, held at Christ College, Irinjalakuda, 31st Jan to 1st Feb, 2002
  5. ‘Trends in energy and environment conservation’ organized by Cochin Refineries  Ltd. (KRL) Energy conservation club, held at KRL Energy Conservation Club at Ernakulam on 29th Aug 2002


16. Talks Delivered/ Paper Presented as Resource Person

  1. Tsunami awareness programme (talk) held on February Ist 2005 at the Banquet hall of the Kerala Legislative Assembly for the Hon. Members as per the request of the Hon. Speaker
  2. UGC sponsored refresher course in Environmental Sciences conducted by Academic staff College, university of Kerala, for College teachers,(two sessions) on 5th January 2007
  3.  Refresher course for college teachers sponsored by UGC and organized by School of Business Management, Mahatma Gandhi University, 2006
  4. Capacity building programme on Disaster Management- state level workshop held on 7th and 8th Dec 2005 at Hotel Jas, Thiruvananthapuram, sponsored by Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India and organized by Institute of Land Management and PSS society
  5. One day state level awareness programme on ‘Disasters-Mitigation and Management’ held at PTMS auditorium Erattupetta, on 9th Nov 2006 organized by Disaster Management (Revenue k) dept. Govt of Kerala
  6. One day State level awareness programme on ‘Disaster- Mitigation and Management’ held on January 24th 2007 at Wadakkanchery, organized by Disaster Management (Revenue k) Dept., Government of Kerala.
  7.  ‘Earth Day Speech’ meeting held at Kerala High Court Advocates Association hall held on 23rd April 2007- organized by Lawyers Environmental Awareness Forum
  8. One day district level workshop on disaster management at floating and sailing conference boat, Vembanadu lake, Alapuzha on Hazard risk and Vulnerability analysis concepts – Jointly organized by Kerala State Institute of land and Disaster Management, Trivandrum and Nehru Yuva Kendra, Alapuzha held on 24th August 2005
  9. One day seminar on ‘Water resource use and social commitment’ in connection with the  cultural festival ‘Thanima’ held at Christ College, Irinjalakuda seminar hall, held on 23rd December 2006
  10. Chief resource person for Mukundapuram taluk Disaster management action plan preparation conference held on 26th February 2005 at Municipal town hall, Irinjalakuda
  11. Key resource person of the meeting for the formulation of the Disaster Management plan, held on 25th February 2005 at Taluk office, Kodungalloor
  12. Key resource person for District level one day workshop training programme on Disaster Management conducted at Kottayam, Alleppy, Trichur and Trivandrum as part of the Capacity Building Programme for Disaster Management, sponsored by Ministry of Home affairs, Govt. of India, organised by Institute of Land and Disaster Management 
  13. State level seminar on ‘Natural hazards and Disaster Management’ held at Alphonsa College, Palai during 26th – 28th February 2007. Sponsored by University Grants Commission, Co-sponsored by MG University, Kottayam
  14. ‘Tsunami – the seen and unseen’- Tsunami condolence meeting and awareness programme held at Tharayil kadavu, the worst Tsunami affected region in Quilon. Organized jointly by ‘Samskruthi’ Alapuzha district committee and Jawahar library, held on 4th March 2005.

Outstanding Achievements

    1. BOLT (Broad Outlook Learner Teacher) Award of Air India
    2. National Merit Scholarship
    3. CSIR Research Fellowship

Field experience/ Training programmes/ Courses undergone

  1. Regional training course in Structural Geology’ from 3rd October to 19th October 1989 at Wadia Institute and Himalayam Geology sponsored by UNESCO organized by Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, Dehradun
  2. Carried out a detailed mapping and structural studies of about 800 sq.km. area around Polur, North Arcot dt. Of Tamilnadu, South India (work in connection with Ph.D.)
  3. Refresher course on ‘Remote Sensing and Environmental Geology’ from March 1st to 28th, 1991, organised by School of Earth Science, Bharathidasan University, Thiruchirapally, Tamilnadu
  4. Refresher course on ‘Instrumental methods in Environmental Monitoring’ on 3rd Nov 1994 to 20th  Nov 1994 organized by School of Environmental Studies, Cochin University of Science and Technology
  5. Carried out detailed structural investigation and studies of an area of about 100 sq. km. area around Chiknayakanahalli, Tumkur Dt, Karnataka. Report submitted to Dept. of Geology, University of Kerala
  6. Carried out a detailed study of the Vagamon area under the project entitled “Geo Environmental appraisal of Vagamon area with special reference to biodiversity, eco-tourism and pilgrimage tourism” report submitted to Post Graduated Dept. of Environmental Science, Christ College, Irinjalakuda, University of Calicut

19.        Extension Work / Community Services / Leadership role played

  1. Chief Co-ordinator of compulsory social services (CSS) unit of Christ College, Irinjalakuda 2000-2001
  2.  Given leadership to many social programmes, activities and schemes during the period     1995-1997 as the President and Secretary of the Rotary Club of Irinjalakuda
  3. Played a key leadership role in many social activities and programmes as GGR (Governor’s Group Representative) for the group of Rotary Club consisting of Chalakkudy, Kodungalloor, Irinjalakuda and Irinjalakuda (North)
  4. Played a vital role as Municipal Level Expert Committee, Member in preparing the development schemes of Irinjalakuda Municipality
  5. Played a crucial role in establishing a ‘botanical garden’ in the premises of Irinjalakuda civil station by planting more than 112 saplings of different types of trees (first of its kind in the state of Kerala).



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