Dr. Xavier Joseph

Name Xavier Joseph
Designation Associate Professor
Department Physics
Date of Birth 25-03-1973
Date of Entry into Service 18-09-1996
Residential Address Muthirakalam House, Madathikara lane,Pullur P O, Irinjalakuda-680683
Phone Numbers 0480 2825447, 9447289100
Email xjm@rediffmail.com
Educational Qualifications M Sc
Post Graduation 1995, Mahatma Gandhi University
M.Phil. 1. Xavier Joseph, Rani George, Siby Mathew, N V Unnikrishnan- "Structural and Dielectric Studies of Eu3+ doped Li - K - Zn fluorotellurite glasses"- International Journal of Science and Research, Vol 4, issue 2,February 2015
2. Xavier Joseph, Rani George,Sunil Thomas , Manju Gopinath , M.S. Sajna , N.V. Unnikrishnan- "Spectroscopic investigations on Eu3+ ions in Li - K - Zn fluorotellurite glasses"- Optical Materials 37 (2014) 552 - 560
3. JyothyP.V, AmruthaK.A, Xavier Joseph, N.V.Unnikrishnan- "Fluorescence Characteristics of Dy3+ /CdSnanocrystals doped silica xerogel", J .Phys&Chem.Solids Volume 70,
Issue 6, June 2009, Pages 927 - 930
4. Amrutha K Adiyodi, Xavier Joseph ,Gijo Gose,Jyothy P V and N V Unnikrishnan- "Dielectric and microhardness studies of methylene blue doped PMMA matrices" Mat.Sci. poland 27(2009)297
5. Toney Fernandez, Samersen U K, Xavier Joseph and N V Unnikrishnan- "Non-hydrolytic Sol gel Synthesis and characterization of Eosin-Y Doped Titanosilicate Thin films for Waveguiding applications" J.Mat.Proc.Tech 202(2008)528.
6. Siby Mathew, Rejikumar P R, Xavier Joseph and N V Unnikrishnan- "Optical Studies on Eu3+/ZnSe nanocrystal in Silica Hosts", Opt.Mat. 29 (2007) 1689
Ph.D. * Xavier Joseph, Thomaskutty Mathew, Ullas K G, Siby Mathew and N V Unnikrishnan. ' Microwave dielectric studies of dye doped PMMA Matrices ' - International Conference on Recent Trends in Materials Science and Technology IIST Trivandrum,Kerala-October 29-31, 2010
Title of Thesis Member of APT, Kerala