Dr. Bijoy C

  Dr. Bijoy C
  Assistant Professor
  Department of Zoology
  Email-id    bejoyaaryan@gmail.com
  Phone No    9895551003
  Date of Birth    15th March 1985
  Date of entry in service    2nd June 2017
  Residential Address    M. K. Kalam,
Pudunagaram P.O.,
Palakkad DT.,
Pin: 678503

Professional Qualifications 1    Ph.D    University of Calicut    2016
2    M.Sc    University of Calicut    2008
3    B.Sc    University of Calicut    2005
4    B. Ed    University of Calicut    2006
5.     NET (Life Science)    CSIR-UGC    2014
6.    NET (Agricultural Entomology)    ASRB    2014
 Ph.D Thesis       
Title  Biosystematic studies of Ceraphronoidea (Hymenoptera: Insecta) of southern Western Ghats and adjacent areas
Guide Name      Dr. K. Rajmohana 
Institution Zoological Survey of India
Month/Year     2011-2016
 Articles in Journals  1.    Leptopilina rufipes (Hymenoptera) from India with a likely host record.    Taprobanica.
7(4):244-245    1800-427X    2015
2.    New record of the genus Mischotetrastichus Graham (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) with a new species from India.    Oriental Insects. 48: 55-66    0030-5316    2015
3.    First record of Dobsonfly genus, Nevromus Rambur (Megaloptera: Corydalidae) from Kerala state.    Malabar Trogon. 2 (1-3): 13         2014
4.    Foraging activity of Hospitalitermes monoceros (Konig) (Termitidae: Isoptera) in Western Ghats, India.    Journal of Entomology and Zoological studies. 2(2): 138-143.     2349-6800    2014
5.    Description of a new species of Dendrocerus Halidayi group (Hymenoptera: Ceraphronoidea: Megaspilidae) from India.    Journal of Threatened Taxa. 6 (11): 6453-6457    0974-7893    2014
6.    First report of the genus Conostigmus Dahlbom (Hymenoptera: Ceraphronoidea: Megaspilidae) from India with description of a new species.    Biodiversity Data Journal. 1: e991.    1314-2828  2014
7.    Descriptions of four new species of the Genus Alloxysta Forster (Hymenoptera: Cynipoidea: Figitidae: Charipinae) from India.    Biosystematica. 7(1): 59-66    0973-7871    2013
8.    Taxonomic studies on some Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera) associated with Xylophagous beetle Demonax decorus Gahan (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) from Kerala (India) with descriptions of five new species.    Samagra.9: 3-22    0973-3906    2013
9.    First record of the Srilankan processional termite, Hospitalitermes monoceros (Konig) (Termitidae: Nasutitermitinae) from India.    Halteres.4: 48-52     0973-1555    2013
10.    First report of Prosaspicera validispina (Kieffer), 1910 (Hymenoptera: Figitidae) from Kerala (India), along with notes on range extension.    Journal of new biological records. 2(2): 127-129     2319 – 1104    2013
11.    Insecta: Hymenoptera: Diapriidae. Fauna of Bhadra wildlife sanctuary and Tiger Reserve.    Zool. Surv. India. Conservation Area Series.       46: 25-29    0978-8171    2013
12.    Diversity of Hymenopteran egg parasitoids in organic and conventional paddy ecosystem.    Tropical Agricultural Research. 23(4): 300-308     1016-1422    2012
13.    Cybertaxonomy: A novel tool in biodiversity Science.     Biodiversity: Utilisation, threat and cultural linkages,  Narendra Publishing House.    ISBN: 978938 0428949    2012
14.    A report on some rare Neuroptera from Kerala, mimicking wasps and Mantids.    Malabar Trogon. 10(1&2): 10-11        2012
15.    A new species of Paridris Kieffer (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae) from India.    Hexapoda. 18(1): 9-12     0973-8592    2011
16.    A review of the Oriental Eunotinae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea: Pteromalidae) with the description of a new Cephalata and first record of Mesopeltita truncatipennis (Waterston) from the region.    Hexapoda. 18(2): 93-105     0973-8592    2011
17.    First report of phoresy of Trissolcus Ashmead (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae) from India.    Skaphion. 5: 49-50        2011
18.    Amphibian diversity of Government college campus, Chittur, Palakkad district, Kerala state.     Malabar Trogon.9(1, 2): 16-17        2011

 Books and Monographs  1.    “Common insects: A visual reference to the insects in our neighborhood”.    Rajmohana K, Bijoy C, M. Jafer Palot , Abhilash Peter    Zoological survey of India. 490pp.    2012
2.    An introductory manual to common Hymenoptera (Insecta) of Kerala.    Rajmohana K, Bijoy C,  M. Jafer Palot.    WGRC, ZSI- a pictorial identification guide. 41pp.    2012
 Seminar/Conferences/Symposiums  1.    International conference on entomology     Megaspilidae, a little known family of Ceraphronoidea (Hymenoptera: Insecta) from India.    Author and presenter    International Conference    Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab    2013
2.     National Seminar  on ‘Conservation of Biodiversity-Unsolved problems, their policy and Individual Responsibility’    Rice field - an ideal study system for investigating the diversity of the little known groups of parasitic hymenoptera: a case study.     Author and Presenter    National Seminar    Malabar Christian College, Calicut     2011
3.    National Seminar on Biodiversity conservation: Challenges and Prospects    A review of orthopteran egg parasitoids in paddy fields of      Wayanad and Palakkad.    Author and Presenter    National Seminar    Govt. College Chittur, Palakkad    2011
4.    Annual Congress     Hymenopteran egg parasitoids in organic and conventional paddy farms- a comparative study from south India.    Author and Presenter    International Conference    PGIA, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka    2011
5.    4th International Conference on insect Science    An insect identification system on “Common   insects: A visual reference to the insects in our neighborhood”    Author and Presenter    International conference    University of Agricultural Science, GKVK, Bangalore.    2012
Workshop/FDP/Training programme attended/conducted 1.    short term course in Science communication    Vigyan Prasar, DST, Govt. of India    Participant    Academic    2016
2.    one day workshop on Wetlands & Waterfowls    Zoological Survey of India and Kerala Forests & Wildlife Department    Participant    Research    2014
3.    Regional conference on Biodiversity Asia 2012- Science, Policy, and Governance    Society for Conservation Biology    Participant    Research    2012
4.    one week training on Insect identification hands on training programme    ZSI, MoEF, Govt. of India    Participant    Research    2012
Awards/Achievements/Others 1.    Best Presentation award    National seminar    Malabar Christian College, Calicut. 2011
2.    Best Presentation award    National seminar    Govt. College Chittur, Palakkad.    2011
3.    Best Presentation award    International congress    PGIA, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.    2011

4.    Described 9 new species of parasitic wasps. 
5.    One species of Parasitic wasp (Hymenoptera: Insecta), Miscogasteriella bijoyi Sureshan and Nikhil, 2013 is named after the incumbent.
Invited talks 1.    “Fascinating world of Insects”    Association Inaugural talk    Christ College, Irinjalakuda.    2016
Membership in Academic bodies 1.    Malabar Natural History Society    Member    Life member   
2.    Zoology Alumni, Govt. College, Chittur.    Secretary    Life member   
3.    Sree Narayana Education Society    Member    Life member   
4.    Kerala State Council for Child Welfare    Member    Life member
Research projects 1.    “Studies on the two little known superfamilies- Ceraphronoidea and Cynipoidea (Hymenoptera: Insecta) of South Western Ghats”    MoEFCC        Completed    2010-2015