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  • The students should maintain strict discipline in the campus which is fitting for an academic environment.
  • Important notices will be posted on the respective notice boards. It is the responsibility of the students to read these notices and to respond immediately if summoned through them. All administrative, departmental and activity bulletin boards are for official use only. To tamper with them is a serious offence.
  • Students should pay the fees as per the schedule published on the notice board.
  • Students are summoned during the class time ordinarily by means of a call slip signed by the Principal. Unless otherwise indicated in the call slip, it is understood that the student is wanted only at the end of the period.
  • It is the responsibility of the students to treat college property with care. They should help keep the buildings and the campus neat and clean. Any damage done by a student to the property of the college or of others must be compensated either by repair or by replacement. Besides, if the situation warrants, the offenders will be subjected to other disciplinary measures.
  • If a teacher is not in class at the prescribed time, the students should wait quietly inside the class room for 10 minutes. After this lapse of time, the students may consider themselves dismissed from this particular class and the monitor shall report the teacher’s absence to the Principal. However, if the class is notified of the teacher’s time of arrival, the students are obliged to wait until the time designated.
  • Free periods are not meant for any games (indoor or outdoor ), nor for loitering in the corridors, sitting in the garden or in and around the canteen. Students are advised to make use of the library during free periods. Those who prefer to sit in the class room for doing academic work shall not in any way cause disturbance to the neighboring class. The eastern hemisphere of the garden is open for all, but the western hemisphere is reserved for for the girls.
  • There shall be no movement of students on the corridors of the college building while lecture is in progress in the class rooms.
  • All students should read and understand the library regulations.
  • The hostel areas are off-limits to non-resident students. Similarly boys may not enter retiring rooms of girls without the explicit permission of the Principal or Vice Principal in writing. The canteen facility is meant only for Christ College Community.
  • Congregating at the entrance of the college gate, sitting on the steps of the staircase, on the steps at the portico and sitting on the parapets along the corridor leading to library block, create a bad impression and, therefore, are to be avoided.
  • A teacher may send a student out of class when the teacher has evidence of the student’s continued misbehavior and the reentry to the class should be with the written permission from the Principal.
  • Students while in the campus should wear their identity cards and identity card must be produced for all transactions in the College. Habitual defaulters will be penalized.
  • Smoking in the college campus and coming to the campus consuming liquor is strictly prohibited and if found so will be subjected to severe punishment ,including suspension.
  • Movement of vehicles in the college campus shall be at a moderate speed.Two - wheelers should be parked only in the parking area. Students may not park Four - wheelers / Three - wheelers in the college campus without the explicit permission of the principal.
  • Academic Excellence and Discipline are the main concern of this institution. Any conduct or activity that may adversely affect the excellence, discipline and well being of the institution will be strictly dealt with
  • All political activities and organizational activities are strictly prohibited in the college campus. Student organizations are not recognized by the college authorities. Their requests / demands shall not be entertained by the college authorities. However those organizations and activities that are complementary to the academic pursuit can be permitted by the Principal.
  • Use of Cell/ Mobile phone is prohibited inside the college campus. Such device/ gadget shall be kept switched off before entering the campus. Cell phones with camera are banned inside the campus by the State Government. In event of any violation of the above rule, action will be taken including confiscation of the device/ gadget and imposition of fine.
  • Nobody shall disrupt the academic atmosphere of the college under any circumstances. Any such activities that may hamper the academic ambience of the institution will be dealt with seriously. Such misconduct would entail major punishment including expulsion from college. If necessary, criminal prosecution also will be invoked.
  • Destruction of college properties would entail civil as well as criminal proceedings against the delinquents.
  • Nobody shall instigate or engage in activities such as strike, demonstration, agitation ,slogan shouting, dharna , gherao etc. within the college campus
  • College Union Election shall be conducted under indirect mode/ parliamentary system. No external or political interference shall be permitted.
  • All legal and reasonable grievances of the students or staff will be addressed by the college authorities. In the event of any such grievance , the student can approach the respective class teacher or the Students’ Grievance Reddressal Committee existing in the college. The decision of the Principal shall be final.
  • Teachers are directed to insist the compliance of the above Rules strictly. Violations if any shall be reported to the Principal forthwith.
  • Ragging and harassment in all its forms both inside and outside the campus are criminal offences warranting prosecution apart from disciplinary proceedings.
  • Smoking, chewing /use of tobacco or tobacco products , pan parag , drugs and such other narcotic items ; consumption of liquor etc including all such products that are either banned , illicit or injurious to health are strictly banned inside college campus. Nobody shall enter the college campus after consuming liquor or any drug or under intoxication. The above Rules are applicable to students , teachers and other staff of the college.
  • Students are forbidden to organize or attend any meetings other than those organized by college, in the campus. On no account may outsiders be invited to address the students inside the campus, without the consent of the Principal.
  • There is no prescribed uniform for boys. Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of the students to attend class dressed appropriately for such an academic function. Girls, however, may follow the special guidelines given to them in this regard. They shall wear plain sarees or churidhars, whenever they come to college, whether to attend class or to read in the Library.
  • Crackers or firework of any magnitude may not be sent off or exploded in the campus.
  • Study tours may be arranged by the final year students (III DC and II P.G.) with the consent of the class teacher and Head of the department and prior approval of the Principal. Students will not be allowed to go on tour unless they are accompanied by a member of the teaching staff. Tours may not be conducted on working days. But in the case of three day tour, one working day may be included.
  • Students are free to meet, write to and talk to the Principal individually about issues related to them or the college administration. But they may not make any complaint in a body or through a collective petition.
  • Everyone is free to follow and practice a religion of his choice but external worship other than catholic is not allowed in the college or hostel.
  • Students may not organize programmes for collecting funds nor may they make any kind of fund - collection in the campus, without the explicit prior permission of the Principal.


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