Creating socially committed and responsible citizens by imparting critical and balanced consciousness about our societys’ past and our countrys’ traditions.


To impart a deep sense of history, which obviously lead to awareness for the need of peace, harmony and democratic ethos for a vibrant society. To emancipate the students from the hold of dogmas and totalitarian ideologies which wreak havoc in the past and present.To mould on youth as intellectually forward looking, psychologically self confident and morally upright human beings.

An independent department of History was started in the academic year 2001-2002.Prior to that History course was offered as a subsidiary paper for B A Economics programme.In 2001-2002 P G course was offered in West Asian Studies. The programme of West Asian Studies had converted to M A History in 2004.The department was elevated to the status of Research centre in History under the University of Calicut in October 2011. Prof.Jimmy A Chirayath was the first head of the department. He was succeeded by Prof.Thattil Joseph Raphael in 1992,Dr.K T Thomas in 1999,Dr.K Chandran in 2012.Since 2015 Ms.Lisha K K is the head of the department. The faculty members include Dr.Binu M John,Dr.Sreevidhya .V and Ms.Jincy. S R. Dr. K. T. Thomas and Dr. K. Chandran are the approved guides of the department. Five full time and four part-time research scholars are now active in the department. The department is encouraging research in the emerging areas such as subaltern studies, women studies, gender studies and so on. We are also focusing on interdisciplinary research in collaboration with departments of Environmental Science, Economics, Political Science, and English. The research scholars are provided with a research room and a good library. Most of the scholars have presented papers both in international and national seminars and conferences. They have also published research articles in international and national journals.
The faculty of the department organizes and participates in a wide range of conferences, seminars,and workshops in order to acquaint themselves and students with the new approaches and themes in history and allied subjects such as archaeology,epigrahy and so on. The faculty have been resource persons in various universities (including J N U) and colleges in Kerala and other states.
Every year department has been organizing various programmes.It include monthly lecture series, erudite lectures, coaching class for NET examination ,dissertation presentation competition, essay writing competitions and quiz programmes on special days, collage competitions, field visit to historically important places, and etc,.We are also preparing students for their higher studies especially for research activities. Our P G students have presented papers in international conferences and are active in various

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