Hostel accommodations are available for Boys and Girls . Establishment charges( rent, light, water etc…) may vary from Rs. 400/ – to Rs. 500/ – per month. Mess is run on the dividing system and the monthly mess bill may vary from Rs. 1700/- to Rs. 2100/-. A sum of Rs. 2500/- has to be deposited as mess advance at the time of admission. Students who do not live with their parents or guardians have to reside in the College Hostel or in Lodge, approved by the Principal. No student shall fix up any lodge without the previous permission of the Principal. Subsequent change in residence may be made only with the
permission of the Principal. No Lodge will be approved unless the following
minimum conditions are fulfilled.
i) Each lodge must have a responsible strength of students, say, ten or more and also a Warden to look after their Studies and Conduct.
ii) Each lodge must be a self-contained unit, with mess, bathroom
facilities etc…
iii) Under the direction of the warden the inmates of the Lodges may frame rules and draw up time-table in such a way as to ensure their progress in studies and their good conduct. The rules have to be approved by the Principal. After 8. p.m. No student shall be seen outside the Lodge premises, nor shall permit any outsiders to visit him. The Wardens shall submit periodical reports to the Principal. If a student is expelled from the hostel or the lodge owing to any serious misconduct he is liable to be expelled from the College also.
In all matters concerning the internal administrations of the hostels, the
verdict of the wardens shall be final.