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Rev. Fr. Sibi Francis CMI

     (Librarian & PRO)


College library is the place for disseminating knowledge and information. Christ college library is situated at the centre of the college in a two storied building. The ground floor, a common place with seating capacity of 300 provides ample space for general reading and reference. It occupies the librarian’s cabin, reference section, audio library and digital library section for UG students. In the first-floor book shelves are arranged subject-wise and are separated by different sections. Separate section is made for PG and research students. An audio-visual library cum conference hall is also located in the first floor.

The college has a six-member library advisory committee who helps to formulate its policies and their implementation. The college principal is the chairman of the committee and the librarian is its convener. The committee has six members including three members of faculty and one student’s representative.

Working Hours

On working days 8 AM to 5 PM
On vacation days 9 AM to 4 PM


Arrangement of Books

Books are classified and arranged as per Dewey Decimal Classification. OPAC - Computerized Open Access Catalogue is available to locate the documents.


Library Rules

  1. Library is a place of serious study and research. A quiet atmosphere should therefore be maintained at all times. Users should keep silence all the time they spend in the library.
  2. Library will be kept open from 8 am to 5 pm on ordinary class days and from 9 am to 4 pm on vacation days.
  3. Users should wear their college identity cards as they enter into the library. Library staff are authorized to check identity cards. The users should swipe their ID card at Library entrance before they enter into the library.
  4. Library books will be issued against users’ identity cards.
  5. Degree students can borrow four books at a time, including general and subject books. Post Graduate students will get six books at a time, including general and subject books. The total number of books that can be issued at a time to a teaching staff is restricted to ten and that to a non-teaching staff is two.
  6. Books borrowed from the library must be returned within a fortnight. Due date is marked on the date label inside the book. If the book is not returned on the due date, the borrower will be charged Rs. 1/- per day per book as late fine.
  7. Each issued book is to be registered by the borrower in the respective registers available at the circulation counter.
  8. It is the duty of the borrower to take maximum care of the library books issued to them. Marking or writing therein with ink or in pencil, tearing out of its pages and spoiling of binding will cause injury to a book. If any such cases are noticed at the time of returning, he/she should replace the book or pay the price of the latest edition of the book including postage.
  9. For the loss of book, the following procedure will be followed: (A)The lost book has to be replaced by a new one. (B) If the lost book is not available for replacement, the value of the book will be realized as per the library rules and the fine has to be remitted.
  10. Periodical, journals, Reference books, rare and out of print books will not be issued to be taken outside the library.
  11. The books of Christ college library are primarily meant for the staff and students of Christ college. To borrow books for the benefit of those not belonging to this college community is therefore evidently unfair. If any such practices are noticed, it will be reported to the higher authority.
  12. The outsiders can enjoy the facilities of reference section and reading area with a permission letter from the principal and the librarian.
  13. Two Digital library sections are available for UG and PG students separately.  UG students are not supposed to use the computers in PG section. Internet facility is provided only for educational purpose and not for social networking.
  14. Students are restricted to enter into the library with their bags or any other carriers. Students should keep their bags in the property counter before they enter into the library.
  15. Use of mobile phone is restricted inside the library. If any violations of this are being noted, it should be treated as per the college rule.
  16. Christ audio visual library is working as part of our central library. For using the facility prior booking is necessary both in the website and in library register.
1. All the members of the staff and students of the college are eligible to be members of the library. Books and other library materials are open for use and subscription only to the members of the library.
2. Explicit Written permission from the Principal is necessary for outsiders to use the Library facility.
Borrowing Procedure
Category No. of Books Loan Period Penalty for Late Return
UG Students 4 14 days Rs.1/-per day(Holiday inclusive)
PG Students 6 14 days Rs.1/-per day(Holiday inclusive)
Teaching Staff 10 14 days Rs.1/-per day(Holiday inclusive)
Guest Lectures 8 14 days Rs.1/-per day(Holiday inclusive)
Non Teaching Staff 2 14 days Rs.1/-per day(Holiday inclusive)


Issue of Books

Users cannot borrow copies of the same book.



Books must be returned on or by due dates.

Library fines, if any, are to be paid at the cash counter in the College office along with due slip from the library.

Reference Books
Reference books are not for issue and are to be referred inside the Library.
Under no circumstances reference books will be issued either for classroom reading/reference or for reading outside the library.
Photocopying full book is not permitted inside the Library or campus.
Users must take care of the journals/ reports taken for Xerox and should ensure its safe return.
Damage/ Loss of Library Materials
1. When a member receives a book from the library he/she satisfy himself/herself that the book is in sound condition. If it is not, the matter shall at once be brought to the notice of the librarian, failing which the member shall be liable to replace the book with a new copy. Marking, underlining, writing, tampering and tearing away the pages of books are punishable with fine or replacement of the book or both.
2. Lost books must be reported to the librarian immediately and replaced or paid for within 30 days.
3. Lost library books that are recovered, must be handed to the librarian as they remain the property of the college library.

4. If the books are lost, Then the borrower shall replace the books of the same edition or latest edition or pay govt directives.


No due Certificate

Final year students are required to return all their library books and tickets and after paying outstanding dues, if any before proceeding to collect the Hall Ticket. They should obtain a No due certificate from the Library.


Exclusion from the use of the Libray

1. Any user who disregards the library rules and regulations will not be permitted to use the library anymore.

Special services provided by the library

  • Reference: The reference section deals with the issue of question bank, back volume of journals, periodicals and books. Apart from the general and subject reference books, career-oriented books for NET/JRF, CAT, MAT, G-MAT, C-MAT, PSC, UPSCE, IIT Entrance, Bank Test, LIC, CA examinations etc. are also ready for reference.
  • Audio-Visual Library: As a joint venture of PTA and Management, Audio-visual library provides room for video conferencing, online lecturing, webinars and audio book production.
  • Reprography: Reprographic facility is arranged at two places in the library.
  • Digital library: Having Separate sections for UG and PG students, digital library comprises of 26 computer system and uninterrupted internet.
  • In-house and remote access to e-resources.
  • Current awareness service: new arrivals and relevant newspaper clippings are published both in the display shelf and at the library blog.
  • Online Question Bank: online search for Previous years question papers can be done through Library Blog and D Space digital repository.
  • User orientation and awareness: The Librarian gives orientation classes to new comers at the beginning of the academic year about the library rules, searching of books, usage of OPAC etc.
  • Reference service for users outside of the college: Public and students from other colleges can refer the resources and use the library for their research on their request.
  • Internship for Library Science Students


The library staff have the right to ask students to leave the library if they are behaving inappropriately or causing disturbance to other users.








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