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Christ OCW

Based on the principles of OCW consortium, Christ College decided to create and disseminate the quality course contents under the name Christ OpenCourseWare (Christ OCW).

“ Education for all”



Comprehensive Result Analysis & Review

Detailed analysis of exam results is needed for effective corrective actions. Digging the data and proper interpretation is essential to list out the reasons of exam performance. The CRAR is a project initiated by IQAC to understand the real reason behind the exam


E-Repository - DSpace@Christ

Electronic repositories contribute to the growing network of open access scholarship and puts faculty and students in the mainstream of scholarly activities. Institutional repository of Christ College is the digital collection of the intellectual output of students, faculty, administrators and others who are members of the college.

New teaching aids - Lightboard

One of the major difficulties faced by educators developing online content is about missing the conventional chalk board. Lightboard by which teachers can face directly the students without

losing eye contact and can engage the class more effectively.



Corporate trainings

•Introduce more linkage with industries in the surroundings.

•The linkages will create more opportunities to students in the form of internships and training.

•Faculties will gain knowledge on the requirements of industry and thus can modify the syllabi and course plan accordingly.

• Employees of industry will have a continuation in their education and can update their skills.



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